A House Built On Sand… [VIDEO]

You ever hear that parable about the 2 guys who built
their houses?

One guy built his house on the sand, by the shore and
got it done in short order. Then he put his feet up,
kicked back in his beach chair, and sipped his fruity
cocktails – the ones with the little umbrellas in them.

The other guy built his house up on the rock. He sweated,
toiled, dug, dynamited, and drilled. It sure took him
awhile, and sometimes his thirst made him wish he could
have one of those cocktails with the guy down on the beach,
but in the end, his house was anchored deep into the rock

Then a BIG storm came.

Both men rushed inside and battened down the hatches.

When the storm was over, the man who built his house on
the rock was safe, warm, and dry. Nary a nick out of his

Our cocktail-loving friend was nowhere to be found.

The storm washed him and his house away.

Nothing but a few pieces of debris left.

What in the wide wide world of sports does this have to
do with your KB training?


When you want to make long-term results with your KBs –

Not just lose a few pounds in the next couple of weeks
informercial entertainment results – but real, lifelong
and long lasting results that carry you not just the next
couple of months, but the next couple of years and
beyond –

Then you need to focus on getting strong.

And there’s really only one way to do that using kettlebells.

Use a pair of kettlebells at the same time.

And there’s one exercise – like the one ring from Lord
of the Rings “that rules them all” – when it comes to
building strength – to laying a foundation on “rock.”

Here it is.

Build your “house” on the rock.

Go here.

Talk soon.


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