A Lesson From The Airport On KB Training…

I am a people-watcher.

I love just watching people – how they act, move, interact
with others…

I find it fascinating. Not sure why.

Anyway, two people really caught my attention today while

(Isn’t technology amazing? I’m writing this on the plane…)

The first was a lady who was in her late 50s, early 60s,
who was wheelchair bound.

Well, not completely.

She was able to get out of it and amble with her cane through
security but was concerned – almost scared – that she wouldn’t

have help on the other side.

Made me wonder what happened to her and my hope is
that she gets better.

Also made me think of my friend’s wife’s aunt, who at age 69,
fell in the Wal-Mart parking lot and broke her femur, and was
convalescing over the holiday.

I compare these two ladies with my father-in-law, who stayed
with us for a month. He’s 68 and was doing “grease-the-groove”
pull-ups at 190lbs while he stayed with us. (That and 8-count
man-makers first thing in the morning for 15-20 minutes.)

And then, there was the lady in her mid-30s who needed
help putting her carry-on in the overhead bin.

I think about my journey, your journey, and wonder –

“Do people even care that they are virtually physically helpless?”

What have we become as a society?

Could we fend off an invading army?

Or would we just roll over as long as we could still change the
channel and be entertained?

I don’t know.

All I know is that I don’t want to ever be caught unprepared
for anything life throws at me.

I think that’s what’s so spectacular about KB training –

With very little time investment, you can reap a huge
physical payoff.

Think about this:

While everyone else is going to the gym, doing their cardio,
working in on the machines and sharing sweat, then getting
stuck in traffic on the commute home –

You can get a back of steel, and shoulders to match by
simply performing Clean + Presses for multiple sets in your
basement or your backyard or wherever.

And, you can keep your arteries open and the blood flowing
with nothing but sets of swings.

And who knows?

Maybe you’ll be the “go-to guy” (or girl) that future generations
write and read about after the Zombie Apocalypse…

But one thing’s for sure – it ain’t gonna happen without
“Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Get your copy here while you still can.

Gotta run – battery dying (but I feel great)…


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