A Letter From Your Body Fat

Here’s a letter that I recently received about “More
Kettlebell Muscle” from your bodyfat:

“Dear Geoff –

Stop it!

I don’t know what you think you’re pulling here, but I
like hanging around –

Around the waist, around the legs, around the hips.

It’s where I’m most comfortable.

And with your fancy new book, “More Kettlebell Muscle,”
you’re really hacking me off.


I’m not just mad at you, I’m losing my grip on reality!

I hate the fact that your new MKM book is more than
one program. That’s not fighting fair. Now I don’t stand
a chance.

I’ll never be able to stick around with 5 years of workout
programs intense enough to cause the dreaded
“EPOC” – you know I hate it when the metabolism
gets elevated and extra calories get burned for nothing.

I’ve worked hard for years to keep that from happening.
Great, all that “work” down the drain.

And I also hate the fact that MKM can be done in around
60 minutes a week. Now I’m really cooked, cause I can
no longer use “Not having the time” as an excuse
to stick around.

Ok, you win. I quit. I know I don’t stand a snowball’s
chance in H-E-double hockey sticks.

Well I hope you’re satisfied with yourself.

Now I’ll have to find a new home. And fast too.

Thanks for nothing. I guess the only loser here
now is me.


Your Body Fat.”

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – he wasn’t hard
enough on himself – loser.

Kick your body fat to the curb today – grab your copy
of “More Kettlebell Muscle” now – before time – and
the bonuses run out

Talk soon.


P.S. Seriously, your body fat doesn’t stand a chance
with “More Kettlebell Muscle.” Grab your copy and

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