A Quick Eating And Workout Fix For The Holidays

Hope you had a great weekend.

We did.

I spent a lot of time with my kids.

Hard to believe my daughter is going to be 1 tomorrow!

Where’s the time go??

As a result, my wife was making chocolate truffles for a
party or some other event last night.

And let me tell you – they were DELICIOUS!

Now I’m not normally a chocolate guy, but durn – I’d eat
those things all day long! They were THAT good!

That’s the danger of the Holiday Season – you let yourself
open to eating things you wouldn’t normally eat.

At first, you may enjoy indulging yourself.

But later, you may feel guilty.

Don’t worry about it.

I didn’t.

And you don’t need to either.

I’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s too many chocolate truffles, or you ate the
entire green bean casserole this past weekend – you know
the one covered in breaded onion pieces and cheese with
bacon, cooked in bacon fat…

You can, should, and WILL enjoy this Holiday Season with
your Kettlebell Secrets Holiday Survival Guide.

You’ll learn the 3 specific strategies that I’m using this year
to enjoy myself to the fullest.

(They include eating and workout strategies.)

You can too.

Talk soon.


for obvious reasons – the Holiday Season is only around for
a little while.

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