A Savvy “Holiday Crush” Training Plan…

I’ll make no bones about it – I like to lead a very controlled

I do the best I can to plan everything out because I live on
a very tight schedule.

Unfortunately, that tight schedule doesn’t leave much room
for error.

For example, over the past 7-14 days, my main website
crashed, losing 3+ years worth of data (still haven’t fixed
it yet), my car’s been in the shop, and my poor wife has
been bed-ridden with the flu, leaving me to take care of
my 2 little ones, which is no small feat since my 1 year
old moves like Speedy Gonzalez and is into everything,
all the time.

(Plus, she has an acute 6th sense to snuff out and engage
in anything remotely dangerous – pulling the gate back to
go up the stairs, climbing up on stools, you name it – if
it’s dangerous, she’ll find it.)

Now I’m not complaining, just pointing out that life can be
pretty demanding sometimes and not go as planned –
at all.

And of course you know that cause you’re probably
experiencing some of that yourself the past couple of
weeks with holiday preparation, etc.

So what do you do with your workouts exactly?

Sure, we’ve been talking about “post-season” training over
the last week or so, but how exactly should that type of
workout look like?

As a big fan of the simple, I prefer a little bit of something
every day for consistency’s sake than taking days on
end off and trying to cram everything in one day.

So first things first – I recommend you downshift and work
on only technique like I did yesterday.

(The boy was supposed to nap, but he didn’t, so while
he was in his room having some alone time ol’ Dad here
went out in the garage and played a little bit to blow off
some steam.)

Don’t overly focus on fat loss or strength or whatever your
goals are the other 11 months of the year.

Just pick 2-3 exercises you want to bone up your technique
on and alternate between them.

Just 15 or 20 minutes will do you.

Here’s a sample schedule for this week:

Monday: Front Squat

Tuesday: Clean

Wednesday: Push Press

Thursday: Front Squat

Friday: Clean

Saturday: Push Press

Sunday: Sit on your butt and do nothing.

Remember, just 15-20 minutes is “all” you need this time
of year.

How many sets and reps?

Just enough to fill the time you’ve allotted.

Nothing to failure.

Nothing to fatigue.

Everything nice, tight, and crisp.

Walk away fresh.

Of course, all this assumes you know without a shadow of a
doubt what “correct technique” is that you should be practicing.

Make sure you’re not guessing – get yourself a copy of the
3.5 hour 2 DVD set and 89-page “filler-and-fluff-free” book

Gotta run – more clean up to do from the last 2 weeks worth
of “non-scheduled life.”

Talk soon.


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