A Simple “Trick” To Gain Strength On Your Press

Ahhh… the Press.

The Measuring Stick of Manhood…

and the Fear of Females… (until they do it).

Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to have stalled
out their Presses.

They press and press and press and press and
just don’t seem to get anywhere – at least not
to where they want to go.

Try this little “trick” –

Lie on the floor on your back (ahhhh… so relaxing…)
with your legs outstretched and your arms by your
sides, palms up.

Then look over each shoulder – perform what are called
“neck rotations.”

10 reps each side is about right.

Now jump up and do a couple of Presses each arm –
not a lot 2 maybe 3 and see how smoothly they go

They’ll probably feel a lot lighter and you’ll be able
to move your arm back further over your head – maybe
even behind your ear – where it belongs.

Now why’s this “trick” work?

Quite simply – and here’s the part you really need to
remember – your shoulder musculature is innervated
by the nerves in your neck (specifically the fifth and
sixth cervical nerves thru the axillary nerve).

(Ok, that’s not the technical science-speak – so don’t
send me hate mails.)

So, mobilize your neck, release the tension there, and
you increase your body’s ability to contract the muscles
of the shoulder better.

Which of course equals a stronger Press. TA DA!

“But what about the lat?” you say?

(Glad you’re paying attention.)

Also supplied by the nerves in your neck. (Specifically
the sixth, seventh, and eighth cervical nerves thru the
long scapular nerve.)

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

*Devil’s Advocate*

What happens if this doesn’t work for you?

Then you’ve got some issues my friend and honestly,
you probably shouldn’t be pressing if you’re interested
in your long term shoulder and neck health.

You should be on the floor doing your Get Ups.

And you should go with the pro’s on this one – you
need to break apart your Get Up and find all the areas
you *think* you can move in but really can’t.
You need to get Brett Jones’ & Gray Cook’s, “Kettlebells
From The Ground Up.”

You’ll learn all the places you should put those neck
rotations in to really ensure that you get your shoulders
healthy and strong for that Big Press.

Not only that, but your lower back and hips will thank
you as well as they become unglued and separated
from each other, like a pair of Siamese Twins.

Or, you can just continue jamming your shoulder and
your neck on your Presses until something goes “Sproing.”

Your choice…

Talk soon.


P.S. Truth be told we all need to spend some time
doing or revisiting the Kalos Sthenos style Get Up
summer program.” (More about that later…)

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