A “Stress Free” Alternative To Fat Loss Workouts This Holiday Season

I used to train college athletes for a living. It was a great gig.

I learned so much in those brief 3.5 years.

It was, in many ways, like drinking from a fire hose combined
with trial by fire.

For example, I assisted the head strength coach in training
the men’s basketball team. I was actually in charge of designing
their strength programs, and he’d do the speed and conditioning
work, because those were our individual strengths.

I’d draw up the best, periodized, strength programs – sets, reps,
rest, everything, and lay it all out in a beautiful excel spreadsheet –

Stay with me here – you’ll see how this affects you in a minute –

Only to have to scratch out the workouts because the head
basketball coach was a sadist. Literally.

He would physically and emotionally abuse the young men
on his team.


From hurling degrading insults at them about their manhood
and their families, to making them run 17s (17 times across
the width of the court) for 20 minutes because someone missed
a shot to playing “Strip Horse” – where every time a kid missed
a shot, he had to take off a piece of clothing until some of the
guys were playing naked.

It was this last incident that finally got him fired.

Anyway, we had to practically throw the in-season strength
programming in the trash because of what this “man” did
to his team.

These young men barely had anything left.

So, we’d have them go through the motions many times.

And most of their workouts were auto regulated – simply give
me what you’ve got – what you feel like you can do today –
but focus on giving excellent technique.

It became simply a matter of injury prevention on our part.

So what’s my point?

How’s this little story apply to you?

Life is sometimes like that basketball coach.

It beats you up and berates you and sometimes all you
feel like doing is surviving practice.

Except this isn’t practice. This is “live.”

Sometimes the joy of working out is crushed by all the
stress you may be feeling this time of year –

Especially with the Holiday Season upon us.

There’s lots of shopping to do – and perfect presents
to get – and presents to decide to get or not.

Parties you want to go to. Parties you “have” to go to.

Recitals you’re excited to go to, but aren’t quite sure
how the rest of your schedule is going to fit around.

And deadlines.

4th quarter can often seem like a crush because some
of the world takes the last 1 to 2 weeks off a year.

And quite frankly, by this time of year you’re just plain
ol’ tired and worn out.


You’re just trying to get through Christmas or Hanukkah
and are waiting for that week between Christmas and
New Year’s that you either have off or have reduced

So the last thing on your mind is losing fat.

Don’t have the time.

Don’t have the energy.

You’ll re-address that in the New Year.

What should you do instead?

Do what we did with the basketball team.

Just get SOMETHING done.

Mostly we just focused on the guys’ technique.

That’s what you should do.

Technique work.

Nothing too hard.

Nothing too heavy.

Make them “Goldilocks” workouts – “just rightttt…”

That will keep you fresh without putting any pressure on
you to perform.

And the workouts are short enough not to overly tax you
because all your training is your technique.

Start with your basics.

But still pick “big-bang-for-your-buck” exercises.

Like the Double KB Front Squat.

It’s the foundation for your double KB work.

And it even helps you when you go back to your single
work because your whole body is stronger and more put

So those single KBs feel that much lighter – that much
easier to play with.

Learn how to master the Double KB Front Squat by watching
“Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s a 3.5 hour 2 DVD set broken into sections to help you
easily master ALL the double KB exercises.

Simply pop the DVD in your player or computer, click on
the Double Front Squat section, and grab a medium sized
pair of KBs to follow along.

You’ll be amazed at what you can learn, and how good
you’ll feel, just practicing the Double KB Front Squat for
only 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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