A Stunningly Simple Way To Make Progress Over The Holidays

Real quick – was thinking that if you’re anything like me, you may
talk a good game about “maintenance” and the “post season”
training over the Holidays, but…

… you’re itching to do something – to make or measure some kind
of progress, no matter how small…

Yup… That’s me.

Sure, I’m practicing technique.

And I still think this is the PERFECT time of year for you to focus
on it.

However, there’s a stunningly simple way to focus on your technique
AND still be able to measure progress.

Here it is:

Practice whatever exercise you want (FSQ and C+P are best
I think for this) one rep per set.

That’s it.

One rep of each exercise.

Make it as perfect as you can.

And then set your timer for however many minutes you want to
practice – 10,15,20… Whatever.

Do as many “perfect” reps as you comfortably can in that time

Remember, this isn’t “MetCon” – so don’t rush it.

Take your time and rest as much as you want to, as much as
you need to – to make each and every rep feel the same.

Do this 2-4 times per week.

And add a rep – just one perfect rep – each training session.

That’s it.

Stunningly simple, right?

I thought so too.

You know what else is stunningly simple?

How easy it is to make major strength gains when someone else
writes the program for you.

That’s exactly what I’ve done for you in “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

If you’re tired of not seeing the strength gains you know you
should then it’s time to stop screwing around jumping from

workout to workout and get laser focused:

Get your technique right AND follow the plan that can literally
QUADRUPLE your strength gains –

For example – Dan Anderson, could Clean + Press a pair of
Beasts twice.

After “Kettlebell STRONG!” he could Clean + Press them
EIGHT times.

If you’d like to experience those kinds of strength gains -
Order your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” Today and ensure

that 2014 becomes your strongest year ever.

Talk soon.


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