About That Video…

Hey – I sent you a video the other day. Not sure you got
a chance to see it.

It was about people’s answers to the question I asked
last week –

“What is your #1 single biggest challenge or obstacle
right now in your kettlebell workouts?”

The results, quite honestly, were shocking.

Especially since I write so much about getting strong(er) using kettlebells. (Hint, hint…)

So I’m betting, that since most people didn’t have time to watch that whole video, I just thought I’d transcribe it with the important information which directly affects you.

So here it is.

What you’re about to read you’ll find pretty interesting –

Especially the 3 reasons Kettlebell Secrets readers told me for why they weren’t reaching their #1 goal.

Read about them here.

Talk soon.


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