About Your Illiacus… [IMPORTANT]

Your illi-what-is?

Had to tell you about this real quick – cause
it’s important.

Out here in Salt Lake City for the StrongFirst
Leadership meeting and rooming with my
good buddy, Shaun Cairns, a Senior instructor
from South Africa.

In case you don’t know of Shaun, he’s a cross
between a bear and a mountain and always
has a pleasant smile.

Oh, and he was the very first RKC Beast Tamer.

Anyway, we always room together at any KB
event we attend.

And last night we were catching up and we
were talking about “Becoming Bulletproof”
when we got around to his hip –

His illiacus – which is one of your hip flexors.

(His too.)

His had been bothering him since he injured
it in October 2008 while squatting.

He told me it was like concrete when he
palpated it.

So, I told him that his body had the power to
fix that and showed him two regressions from
“Becoming Bulletproof” – two of the ones

Long story short, his illiacus relaxed along with
his surrounding hip musculature and he didn’t
have the “cranky hip” when he got up this

Thought that was pretty cool – chronic hip
issue solved in a matter of minutes through the
wisdom of the body.

Best part: It made total sense to him – easy to
remember, easy to do, hard to screw up.

If you have chronically tight hip flexors or tight
hips, this will be the ticket for you to finally
get the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for.

Best part to is that you’ll finally feel where
your abs really live and the important role they
play in relieving your tight hips.

Wanna know what these 2 dead-simple regressions
were that Shaun learned (and is doing now right
next to me while I type this)?

Well you can when you register for now for
March 2nd’s “Becoming Bulleproof” workshop.

Today’s the last day for the Early Bird Discount
where you’ll save 20%.

Go here to register.

Gotta run.

Have a good weekend.


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