Advanced KB Workout Design Secrets

Hey – sorry I missed you yesterday. Things have been crazy
hectic around here. Lots of changes. More on that in the

Anyway, my last email I was talking about whether or not
a workout was advanced or beginner and some of the
differences between the two.

Then I got a Facebook comment – and a good one at
that – about advanced KB workouts –

She brings up a good point:

Does using two KBs make an advanced kettlebell workout?

Again, it depends.

But traditionally, yes.


Because using two takes more body awareness and more

But it depends on the individual.

Pavel and I worked with an NFL fullback a couple of
summers ago and we taught him KBs starting with
doubles. Right out of the gate. And his whole program
revolved around doubles.

As a former Olympic lifter, I prefer doubles and found them
easy to use right from the start. But that may not (probably
not) be the case for you.

More Advanced Techniques

So here are four other ways to make your KB workouts
more “advanced” –

1. Use heavier KBs (saw that last time, but it bears repeating)

2. Increase your exercise complexity

– Move from the Press to the Push Press to the Jerk. The
Jerk requires WAY more coordination than the Push Press,
which requires a little bit more coordination than the Press.

3. Handicap your technique

– Whaaaaa…? (What?)

Think of ways to make your technique harder. Perfect example –
decrease your rest periods between sets. It’s a well known fact
that fatigue interferes with force production, which therefore
interferes with fatigue.

4. Combine 1 through 3.

– Imagine what would happen to your workouts if you did
something as “simple” as heavy double KB Clean & Jerks?

Rumor has it that Spetsnaz units used a pair of 24kg and
would do sets of 30 reps. Seems pretty simple. But highly


Cause you have a complex lift that you have to manage
your fatigue on while still maintaining your form.

That’s pretty advanced.

You don’t have to get that advanced – you can start off a
little slower with a wide range of intermediate and advanced
KB workouts in “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA”.

The cool thing is, a lot of the more advanced KB workouts
also happen to be very time efficient too.

Heavier weights + shorter rest periods = shorter workouts

(And faster results.)

Check out ULTRA here. (But only if you’re feeling like you’re
either advanced or ready to advance.)

Talk soon.


P.S. Have some other advanced workouts for you. Keep
your eyes open…

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