An “EXACT Plan” For Fat Loss? [Inside]

It’s that time of year again.

No, not the New Year where everyone resolves to lose

But rather that time of year where everyone who
did resolve to lose weight has started and failed.

Why does this happen?

It’s really simple:

It comes down to expectations.

I got an email from a customer of mine yesterday
as a response to the email I sent out the day before:

“Good afternoon, Geoff.
I would like to know the following for fat loss -20 lbs:
1. How many swings/snatches/cleans(really cleans????) per work out?
2. What size bell?
3. How many times a week?
4. Do I supplement the swings/snatch/clean with anything else?”

Now the really frustrating thing for me is that she
bought “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” but I don’t
know if she actually USED the program.

I really hope she did.

But my fear is that she didn’t.

Maybe she took one look at it – maybe two – and
decided that she couldn’t do it, or that it wouldn’t
work for her, for whatever reason.

Again, I hope this is truly not the case.

But you can see why, based on her questions,
I would think that, can’t you?

Unfortunately, her questions, as direct and concise
as they are, reveal the lies that we’ve all been fed
about weight loss – fat loss – getting lean – whatever
the heck you want to call it.

If only there were an EXACT formula – such as –

Scientific Fact:

“In a randomized controlled study of one million
people, those who did kettlebell swings routinely
burned off 1 pound of fat for every 100 swings
they did.”

Wouldn’t that be great?

Then you could say, without a shadow of a doubt,
that 100 swings burns off 1 pound of fat.

Then all you’d have to do is 2000 swings and you’d
lose 20 pounds.

Voila! Just like that.

Unfortunately, since the body is an “open system” –
that is to say – it’s influenced by factors outside of
itself –

There is no EXACT “paint-by-number” formula to
lose 20 pounds. (There are some close, like
my “Kettlebell Burn” programs.)

Except maybe cutting off your right leg.

So here’s as an EXACT as you can get plan for
fat loss:

1. Eat less calories overall – on a consistent basis

2. Use your KBs more than you normally do -
whether it’s frequency – more times per week -

or – doing more work in a given session –

figure out a way to do more work.

3. Get sleep!

Recovery is THE #1 most overlooked factor
when it comes to fat loss.

If you don’t sleep, your body can’t make the changes
your asking it to make.

Worse yet – your stress hormones, which are
already taxed from your workouts –

Will be even more taxed – from not sleeping –

So you can actually be storing fat.

And finally, and maybe most importantly –

4. Envision yourself succeeding.

This is often the most overlooked factor in long
term success or failure.

If you can only see yourself failing, then guess

You’ll subconsciously default to behaviors that
will sabotage your progress and guarantee your

If however, you envision yourself succeeding – and
what that would look like and feel like – and focus
on those things –

You’d subconsciously start doing the things that
will guarantee your success, like eating less,
working out more, and getting sleep.

However, at the end of the day, your body could
just be holding you back.

How so?

Well, if you have an injury or are training through
pain or have movement dysfunctions, you can’t move
the way you should.

So you can’t place the necessary demands on the
body to get it to shed the fat.

It just won’t let you take it where you want to go.

I know, I walked that road for years.

That means you’re in the wrong cycle of training if
you’re on a fat loss program.

(FYI – If you’re always trying to lose weight – that’s
a tell-tale sign that something in your body is not
working – unless of course you have no self-control
and you bought all the remaining Twinkies when
Hostess went out of business.)

You actually need to address your movement
dysfunctions BEFORE you attempt an aggressive
fat loss program.

How’s that work?

Because when you eliminate your movement
dysfunctions, you eliminate the chronic low-grade
inflammation that goes along with them as a result
of the stress these dysfunctions cause on the body.

By removing the inflammation, you start to
naturally restore the balance between your body’s
stress hormones and its growth hormones –

The ones responsible for burning fat and creating
optimal cellular function.

Now you can either design your own, or you can
get the “done-for-you” version, which is what the
smart, non-program-design-studying people do.

The first two months of the “Kettlebell Inner Circle”
are designed to shore up your weaknesses –
your movement dysfunctions – to give you a better
shot at finally getting off those extra pounds.

Month 1 – The Four Corners Program – focuses
on helping you get rid of hip and shoulder issues.

(You sit on your butt during the day? Then you
have them too.)

Month 2 – The Hybrid Reconstruction Program
focuses on helping you regain your reflexive
stability – your foundational strength –

It’s loss (again, from butt-sitting) is one of the
reasons we get all our dysfunctions.

And those 2 months set you up for Month 3 -

The Common Sense Fat Loss Program.

Bottom Line – EXACT is individual specific.

But there ARE commonalities among all of us
that can be anticipated, confronted, and dealt
with that ultimately end up in success – even
losing 20 pounds.

That’s what we do in the Inner Circle.

Come on in – your success is waiting for you.

Talk soon.


If you found this information helpful, feel free to forward
it on to a friend or loved one.

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