And The Difference Is…?

I’ll cut right to the chase today:

You may want to know how my new book, Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded is different from my/our other Original Strength books.
pressing-reset-os-reloaded (1)


Lots of details.

Details that have been gleaned from Tim and I (and our team of Instructors and Coaches) traveling the world teaching OS workshops, talking to the attendees, and talking to our clients, and in some cases, even talking to you.

After we pieced it together and got the edited version in our hands, I commented to Tim it was like revisiting our many conversations on the phone or while traveling.

(He and I just talked today about a new “head control” experiment I’m working on.)

What kind of details? For example, in the section on breathing, there’s about 60% more information on the how and why and what to do instead.

There’s also lots of validation.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reading (or hearing) about another person’s success(es).

We include people’s personal and professional success stories in this new version.

This is important because it increases our hope level.

If it worked for someone else, there’s a better-than-good chance that it worked for us.

It’s also streamlined.

I hate to say it, Pressing RESET… is just a better written book than its predecessor.

It’s less repetitive (even though repetition is the motor of learning) and more tightly written.

That makes for more pleasurable reading.

I personally think that from an outsider’s perspective looking in, Pressing RESET… will give you a deeper understanding for how OS works and a deeper appreciation for how quickly and how well it works.

I think that’s about it.

If you already have any of our other Original Strength books, this will enhance your collection.

If you don’t, Pressing RESET… provides a comprehensive entry point into what we know as the fastest, easiest, simplest movement restoration system on the planet.

It has revolutionized my life.

It will do the same for yours.

Get your copy of Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded here.

Talk soon.


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