Another Kettlebell Quickie (Workout Inside)


Been crazy around here.

Came home Monday night 4 hours late (at Midnight)
to a house with no heat.

Had to call the emergency heating and air guy and
was up till 3:30 in the morning.

We had some renovations done on the house while
we were gone (yes, trusting souls we are) and had
to clean up from that yesterday.

So, life has been busy, busy, busy!

You may feel the same way – non-stop and on-fire –
so much so you may feel like you can’t even get your
workout in.

It just feels like there’s so much to do.

So you need something simple – something that doesn’t
require a lot of thought nor a lot of “will power” to get
up for.

That’s where a “kettlebell quickie” comes in.

Here’s what you do in only 10 minutes:

A1. Swing x10
A2. Get Up x3
A3. Goblet Squat x5

Yup, just do them with a moderate sized KB.

Perform them as a circuit – one exercise, then the next,
then the next.

Rest as you need to/have to.

And see how many rounds you can get in that 10

And when you’re done, you’re done.

Put your KB down and move along to your next task
at hand.

You can do this and not feel the least bit guilty cause
it’s “only 10 minutes.”

If your schedule is feeling tight all the time, you should
know that you can get in phenomenal shape with just
one kettlebell in only one hour per week by using my
“Kettlebell Express!” programs.

Check them out here:

Gotta run – work to be done!


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