Are “Challenge” Workouts Any Good?

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the ol’ fitness
interwebz theses days but one of the latest, greatest things
to hit the net is the concept of “challenge workouts” –

Workouts where you have to challenge yourself (obviously)
and get out of your comfort zone.

These are usually very demanding and more often than not
are promoted either as an option to MetCon or to keep you
from being bored.

At least that’s what I can glean from my reading.

The question is:

Are they any good?

They can be.

But more often than not, they’re a distraction.


Think about this:

How would a high-volume, high-intensity, high-density –

Which is what many of these workouts are –

Affect the rest of your programming?

“The rest of my programming?”

Yeah – you know – your program.

That guide that leads you in a progressive and measurable
manner to get you the results you say you want to get?

Yeah – that.

Chances are better-than-good it would interfere with your
recovery abilities and therefore your results.

That’s right – results – those changes you say you want.

You know what a REAL Challenge Workout is?

Getting on a program that aligns with your goals and
STICKING with it – following it to completion so you can
see the results you say you want to see -

To see the changes in your body you say you want to have.

Now THAT’S a challenge.

When you can do that – then you’ll be far ahead of everyone
else looking to be entertained by their workouts – trying to
prove to themselves that they can do something.

Again, prove to yourself you have the fortitude to finish what
you started.

I recently read the following:

“It’s not the outcome that matters, it’s the process.”

Sounds 100% wrong on the surface doesn’t it?

Because we all want the outcome.

But here’s the part most of us miss:

Without the process, there is NO outcome.

At least not the positive outcome we are hoping for.

So here’s a REAL challenge for you:

1. Get on a professionally designed program.

2. Follow the program come hell or high-water.

3. Congratulate yourself and reward yourself for finishing
the program and getting the results.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” is a “challenge program” that lasts up to
36 weeks and will transform your body and mind, making you
stronger and better conditioned than you can imagine.

Talk soon.


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