“Are Double Kettlebells REALLY Necessary?” (Surprise Answer)

That was the question on a recent forum post.

And as a guy known for his passion for double KBs, my
answer may surprise you.

In a word, “No.”

Training with a pair of kettlebell is not “necessary.”

You could certainly use just one.

In fact, I recommend all trainees start with “just”
one kettlebell and work on programs based on “just”
one kettlebell for a little while.


Because working with one KB trains your body reflexively
and works your body’s stabilizers in a manner that
you cannot get using two KBs.


When you want MAXIMUM results from your KBs, then
yeah, I think you should use a pair.

And frequently.


There are greater stresses put on the body (systemic
overload) using two KBs than just one and that means
you have the possibility/probability of seeing faster
results in whatever your endeavor may be –

Fat loss.



(Those are the Big 3 that most people train for.)

As far as biggest “bang-for-your-buck” exercises -

Very few, if any beat higher repetition double KB
Clean and Jerks
(Or Clean and Push Presses if you
can’t yet do Jerks).

And as far as “functional” real life conditioning
that you can use every day for pretty much every
thing – they’re hard to beat.

They hit EVERYTHING – hamstrings, glutes, calves
(yes, even calves), abs, grip, forearms, biceps,
triceps, shoulders, lower back, upper back…

Hmmmmm… Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah, that muscle between your ears. :-)

They work on your “will power” – they can be so
demanding – depending on how you program them –
that they make you mentally tougher as well as
physically stronger.

And training with a single KB just cannot replicate
that experience nor those results.

Problem is, most people just can’t do double Clean +

They don’t have the necessary mobility, timing, or

And they don’t understand the skill.

But fear not –

I cover the Jerk in great detail inside “Kettlebell

You’ll discover –

– The 2 assessments you need to in order to Jerk

– The 4 areas you need to address to improve your
mobility/stability and the 8 necessary drills to improve

– The 3 simple, but highly effective technique drills
to make your KBs explode into position

– An easy to implement 4-drill technique circuit to
expedite your Jerk learning process

Here’s where you get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Of course you don’t “need” a copy, just like you don’t
“need” to use a pair of kettlebells.

However, just like a pair of kettlebells gives you faster
results, “Kettlebell STRONG!” accelerates not only
your learning process for each of the 9 major double
KB lifts, but also speeds up the implementation process –

Or the doing process. And it’s the “doing” that gets
your results.

Do the right thing for your double kettlebell training
and get “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Talk soon.


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