Are Kettlebell Certs REALLY Worth It?

That’s a really good question.

Before I answer it – I want to tell you a story.

In 1998 or thereabouts, I was training athletes at Rutgers
University. I remember seeing an add for the “Kettle-stack”
in Ironmind magazine.

I thought they would be cool if they were solid, like the
old school kettle-bells, like the Old Time Strongmen used
to use. They’d be especially helpful for training my
wrestlers – I wouldn’t have to overcome the flexibility
limitations of their upper bodies that I ran into teaching
them the Olympic lifts.

But no one made them at the time that I was aware of and
the Strength and Conditioning department was the red-headed
stepchild of the athletics department.

We were neglected and relegated to being managed under
“facilities” – so there wouldn’t have been any money for
us anyhow to buy them.

Fast-forward to 2001 when I saw that Dragon Door was
selling them.

I was convinced the ad copy that they were for me and
I ordered the “starter set” – a 4kg, 8kg, 16kg, 24kg and
a 32kg.

Oh yeah, and I broke down and order the RKC video and book
by that skinny Russian guy who didn’t know the Cold War had
been over for 10 years and ran around calling everyone

I figured since he was actually Russian, that he might –
just might – know something that I didn’t – that I hadn’t
learned from my weightlifting coach – who had been trained
by one of the greatest Soviet Weightlifting Coaches of all

My first set arrived on a cold January afternoon of 2002.

Of course, when the very first RKC was offered, I balked
at going. After all, the heaviest weight they had was a
70 pound KB and I was an Olympic Weightlifter – routinely
handling mid-300s over my head.

What could I possibly learn?


Fast forward to 2005…

I had hurt my lower back deadlifting in 2002.

Still had issues.

I had taken a cortisone shot in my right hip for a labrum


My clients were STILL banging their wrists on cleans and
snatches after using KBs for 3+ years.

And no matter how hard I tried, nor what I did, I couldn’t
swing that freakin’ KB with 2 hands without lower back


And you know what?

It pissed me off.

A lot.

Worse yet, I had committed my entire business to using an
exercise system that had multiple layers and checkpoints
people had to pass through before it was “safe enough” to
swing a kettlebell and yet, this skinny Russian guy could
get Grandma Betty swinging a KB in 5 minutes.

Honestly, my sensibilities were offended.

My pride was hurt.

And my ego was wounded.

What did this skinny Russian guy know that I didn’t?

A lot apparently.

So I coughed up the 1500 clams and flew my sorry butt to
St Paul, MN and almost got heat stroke wearing mostly black
in the worst heatwave they’d ever had to that point.

So what’d I learn?

– I learned how to “wedge” myself between the ground and
the KB

– I learned how to pack my shoulders (at least my right
side) and why it was important for shoulder health

– I learned how to teach someone to squat rock bottom
almost instantly without 55 corrective exercises

– I learned how to hack into my brain to make my body
stronger and then show someone else to do the same

– And I learned how to be a better coach/teacher/communicator

Those are just the things off the top of my head.

Getting my RKC (now SFG) was the smartest business and
personal decision I made from 2000-2010

And that decision still positively affects me today from
these daily articles I write, to the businesses I ran/run,
to the friendships I’ve made.

And I’m not the only one. I can think of 3 of my close
friends right now who’ve had similar things happen to them.

Bottom line is simply this:

Going to a KB Cert was TOTALLY “worth it” to me.

Again, I’m not alone.

Plenty of lives have been transformed from this one simple
“leap of faith.”

The only question is – Will yours be next?

There’s only one way to find out – Register for one today.


Talk soon.


P.S. Just an FYI – according to the FTC – I’m supposed to
disclose if I receive compensation – financial or otherwise –
from these types of promotions. I do not.

P.P.S. Almost forgot – what kind of businessman would I be if
I didn’t put in a shameless plug for my own product? ;-)

If you’re going to sign up for the SF Certification – make
sure you’re prepared.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” will do the trick. Guaranteed.

Get it here. :-)

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