Are You A GIVER Or A TAKER? (My Big Mistake)

I think I made a mistake.

See I’m holding this massive sale to try to help you out –
to help you get all my life transformational programs in
one shot so you’re hooked up and have A PLAN for
getting in the best shape of your life using KBs.

But what if you already have some of my programs?

You shouldn’t have to buy them again just to get the other
ones, should you?

Great question.

I didn’t have the answer until I got an email from Steven

He said he grabbed the whole package but that I could
donate “Kettlebell STRONG!” to someone who needed it.

“Wow!” I thought. That was generous. Very generous indeed.

So what if you just did what Steven did?

Since I’m severely discounting all my products, why don’t
you simply GIVE a copy of the program you already have
to somebody you think needs it or is interested in it

Yeah, yeah, I know – that’s crazy talk.

But seriously, what if you just blessed somebody today
by say, printing out “Kettlebell Burn 2.0″ and giving it to

I think the term is “paying it forward.”

So that’s my suggestion – and you have my full endorsement
to do so.

I know you may not like that answer so –

Why wouldn’t I just let you get each individual program
at the extreme discount?

Two words: Technical nightmare.

If you’ve ever been through some of my launches it’s not
uncommon for them to be delayed, stalled, or what have you
because of some technical error –

Sometimes it’s a code error, sometimes the actual shopping
cart system breaks.

And even when they don’t have problems on the front end
what you don’t see is how much scrambling I’m doing here
on the back end with the tech stuff. It’s nuts.

So trust me when I say that it’s much easier for both of us
if I just keep this one simple offer instead of the 30+ offers
this could be with all these programs.

Speaking of programs – here’s a recap of what you get
inside the Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Secrets:

1. Kettlebell Burn 2.0 – Arguably the worlds’ best single KB
fat loss program – gets you lean and strong at the same

2. The Kettlebell Burn Metabolic Accelerator
(11 technique shortcut videos + the 3 Day Metabolic
Accelerator) – Get your techniques right with these video
shortcuts and boost your fat burning capabilities with the
3DMA by up to an extra pound a week.

3. Kettlebell Express! – Sometimes you just don’t see
results because you’re too stressed out. So the stress
of your KB workouts make you fatter and weaker.

The answer is shorter workouts. Here are 49 different
time-efficient programs that you can do in 60-90 minutes
a week.

4. Kettlebell Express! ULTRA – Need workouts that are
ULTRA time-efficient? Then use a pair of KBs. 49 different
programs using a pair of KBs that you can do in 60-90
minutes a week.

5. Kettlebell Burn EXTREME! – Imagine transforming
your body in less than 30 days – Ieaner, stronger, better
conditioned. It’s not uncommon for people to lose between
17 plus pounds in 29 days.

6. 24 Months of the Inner Circle – 24 different KB programs
based on 4 different phases of training – restoration, strength,
fat loss, muscle gain.

7. More Kettlebell Muscle – 40 programs for time efficient
rapid fat loss and body transformations – dropping fat
and building muscle in all the right places at the right times.
60 – 90 minutes a week of workout times using complexes
and chains.

8. Kettlebell STRONG! – The No BS, A to Z definitive guide
to KB lifting – almost 4 hour 2 DVD set and 89 fluff and filler
free book to minimize injury risk and maximize strength gains.
Includes two programs – “STRONG!” and “One.”

As you can see – this is the whole enchilada – and it’s all
yours for one super-low price.

And what’s better is I’ve got 3 different payment plans for
your convenience

Click here to grab your copy.

But don’t delay – this sale is over in 6 hours – at 2:30pm EST

And remember – Pay It Forward.


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