Are You Falling Prey To This Is “Secret” Workout Sabotage…?

Yesterday we started talking about the concept of F.O.C.U.S.
to actually achieve our KB goals.

In 20 years of training/coaching I’ve noticed there is one
thing that stops everyone dead in there tracks.

Before I tell you what it is – has this ever happened to

You decide to go on a fat loss program. You buy the program,
get all excited, and then you can’t seem to make anything

Sure, you can do the workouts – that’s the relatively easy

It’s the eating that kills you. There are still pop tarts in the
pantry and ice cream in the freezer and no matter how
hard you try to resist temptation, their siren song still calls…

Or maybe it’s a strength program – it calls for 3 days a week
but you just can’t seem to get that 3rd day in – family time
always seems to interfere. That, and your wife gets angry
with you because you’re always late for dinner because
you’re trying to cram your workout in between the time you
get home and the time when the kids need to eat.

Any of this seem familiar?

So how do you overcome it?

That’s the “O” in F.O.C.U.S. and the subject of today’s
awesome acronym email. :-)

O = Organize Your Environment

One of the main reasons we fail in achieving our goals
is that we don’t make the time to set up our environment
for success.

It’s that plain and simple.

And yep, as unpleasant and overwhelming as it is, we
actually have to MAKE the time – carve it out from our
current schedules – to set up a supportive-to-our-goal

If we don’t, we’re dead in the water before we even get

Failing to do so is secretly sabotaging yourself.

The truth of the matter is, most of us can find time to
get organized.

The average American (and even Australian I recently read)
watches 4 hours of TV per night.

So all you have to do is cut out one of those hours (maybe
two) and focus on creating a supportive environment
to your goal.

If you’re trying to lose fat, clean out the pantry. If it’s junk
for you, it’s junk for your kids too.

And make sure you stock up cupboards and the fridge with
foods that are on your “should eat” list so you’re always

What about strength work?

Well the biggest issue I’ve seen with getting strength work
done is time – not having enough time to get your training
sessions in.

Or at least feeling so overwhelmed with the responsibilities
of life at the moment that it feels like you don’t have time to

No worries – look at your calendar – (You do keep one, right?)
and find the holes, the gaps, and squeeze your training in

No gaps? No worries. Switch to either the early morning or
late night after the kids go to bed program.


Too early, or too late?

Well suck it up and do it anyway. You get out of this life what
you put into it.

In fact, you always reap more than you sow.

And pick a manageable training program – one that’s simple,
has very few moving parts – and can be done with minimal
time investment – twice a week.

The “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” is a
perfect fit for this situation – you’re looking at about an hour
a week training time.

Still don’t think you can manage that?

No worries – go with the “One” program – that’s “only” 20-30
minutes a week.
Each session is “only” 10 minutes long.

It’ll improve your strength, conditioning, and burn a ton of
calories to boot.

The cool thing is that it’s so time-efficient, you could probably
take about 10 minutes before hand and practice your double
KB techniques…

Regardless of your goal, the outcome will always be the same
if you fail to Organize Your Environment – Frustration and

Tomorrow we’ll cover arguably one of the most important
details in actually getting the most out of our KB workouts
– hitting our goals.

Gotta run…


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