Are You “Kettlebell Strong?”

There’s a very simple reason you haven’t reached
your physical goals using your KBs –

You’re not strong enough –


Before I tell you exactly how to fix this problem, let’s
take a quick trip over the last 10 days or so where
we laid the foundation for the solution.

There are 5 “No BS Success Principles” you should
be using in your kettlebell workouts – that is – if
you want to see the results you say you’re looking

Here they are again in order of importance – in case
you missed any of them:

5. Learn How To “Master” Tension.

4. Focus On Quality NOT Quantity

3. Manage Your Fatigue.

2. Train, Don’t “Workout”


1. Train For Strength FIRST.

I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten on this
series – it tells me that we’re all prone to getting
knocked off course every once in awhile.

Myself included.

That’s why it’s important to have great coaching by
people who have gone before you – who are or have
gotten to where you want to be – and can show you
the way.

Which brings me back to YOU –

How do YOU get strong enough to achieve your
goals –

… To finally strip off that unwanted fat hanging
over your belt –

… Or to move up to the next KB size?

… Or get more numbers on your snatch test?

Well remember those new videos I was telling you
about for the last couple of weeks?

THEY are the answer you’re looking for.

And they’re almost ready.

There have been A LOT of delays and it’s been much
harder than I anticipated to get them done. But I expect
them to be fully ready to go for you by next Tuesday.

In them, I’ll show you exactly HOW you need to use
your KBs and which exercises will boost your strength
in the shortest time frame possible.

But first, the “backstory”:

As you may know, I only did one true “Kettlebell Muscle”
seminar this past year – last April.( I did sneak in a half
day double KB workshop last month in Richmond.)

And I got to thinking – these things are so well received –
everyone has at least one “A-Ha!” moment (usually
more) – and everybody PRs in one lift or another –
that I need to make this material available to EVERYBODY –

– Those of you who can’t make my workshops but want to


– Those of you who are serious about using KBs for getting
as lean and strong and as well conditioned as you want…

So I hired a video pro and I shot almost four hours of
footage for you and put it on DVDs.

In it I cover EVERYTHING you need to know – all the
nuances, subtleties, and tricks you need to be using to
maximize the results of your KB training – regardless of
the outcome.

And that’s why I put together “Kettlebell STRONG!” –

So you can finally see the results you’re looking for from
your workouts (training).

The bottom line is this:

Learning how to properly use a pair of kettlebells – and
making double kettlebell training the meat and potatoes
of your KB work – will give you the biggest bang for your



Cause the stronger you are, the more work you can

And the more work you can do, the faster you’ll change.

And the best way to do more work is to use a pair
of kettlebells.

And “Kettlebell STRONG!” will teach you how to do
just that.

Here’s the really cool part –

Not only is there almost 4 hours of high quality video
footage, I’ve also put together an 89 page “filler and
fluff free” training manual, covering all the material
(and then some) that’s on the DVDs.

You’ll learn how to effortlessly perform the Double
Snatch and the specific sequence of exercises to get
you there.

And you’ll discover most people’s major limitations in
the Jerk and how you’ll overcome them in record time.

You’ll also learn the best ways to perform the following
“essential” double KB exercises:

– Double Swing
– Double Press
– Double Clean
– Double Front Squat
– Double Push Press
– Double High Pull

… And how to incorporate them into your training.

You’ll also discover the best, safest, and fastest methods
for learning each of these exercises.

In fact, this stuff is so powerful, that Pavel recently had
me teach just some of it at the last real RKC 2 and the
attendees’ heads spun.

And if that weren’t enough, I’ll show you two of the best
double KB training programs for gaining volumes of
strength and turbocharging your conditioning levels.

All in all, this is my best work – EVER.

Unfortunately, since these are NOT digital but hard
copy items, there will be a limited number available
due to production costs.

More about this tomorrow.


P.S. Speaking of tomorrow, make sure you check your
email tomorrow cause I’ll show you a way you can
potentially win your very own copy.

P.P.S. “Kettlebell STRONG!” goes on sale next Tuesday,
December 18th.

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