Are You Losing Fat The Slow And Painful Way? (Here’s How You Know)

Of course there’s the slow and painless way…

And then there’s the fast and painful way too.

(Sorry, the fast and painless way doesn’t exist – not that I know
of, despite what the late night TV gimmickry would have you

Here’s how you know if you are:

– You’re depriving yourself of your favorite foods
– You are working out near daily, for long periods of time
(- You’re not working out at all cuz you’re confused about exactly
what to do when)
– And you’re not seeing results

Here’s how you overcome it:


Stop doing what you’re doing.

Do the opposite.

Here’s how:

1. Give yourself permission to enjoy your food.

Find a good cookbook on healthy eating.

Paleo is pretty popular these days and most people can’t go
wrong with it.

(Just watch out for eating too much coconut oil – your stomach/
guts won’t like it…)

Then once a week, have one meal of one of your favorite foods.

And enjoy it.

2. Stop working out so dang much.

Unless you’re training for a sport, you don’t NEED to work out
“ballz-to-the-wall” every stinkin’ day.

Sure, ACTIVITY every day is fine – like taking your dog for a walk,
but hard workouts daily?

Great way to get injured.

Great way to pack on layers of fat. (Cortisol response, amigo.)

3. Work out intelligently.

Doing a max deadlift one day, a thousand KB swings the next,
bodyweight circuits of crapping Pull ups (sorry – meant “kipping” –
same difference) and ring dips is a surefire way to burn yourself
out and get injured.

And put on body fat.

My personal favorite way (other than devoting certain periods of
the year to a very specific fat loss ONLY plan) is to get 3 or 4 shorter,
but intense (enough) workouts in a week.

Then stay active on the other days – like taking the dog or my
son for a walk (or both) for somewhere between 30-60 minutes
first thing in the morning.

Not only am I burning fat in a fasted, low stress, low intensity state,
but more importantly (to me), it’s time set aside from the crush of
the day to think, pray, and get my mind right before the start of the

It’s like relieving stress before the day even starts.

(Yes, I get up early – most days – to do this. It was hard at first
but it’s been WELL worth my time.)

So that’s it – the slow and painless way to lose fat.

Not sexy, not hypey, but it does workey workey.

To see how my shorter 3-4 day a week workouts will help you
lose fat painlessly check out:

Talk soon.


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