Are You Making This Insidious KB Workout Mistake? (Chances Are Good)

It’s nasty I tell you.

Sneaky nasty.

So insidious, you’re probably not even aware of this

But it’s a BIGGIE.

Here’s a little background:

Got a response from Anne – the lady I was telling you
about in yesterday’s email about an “exact plan for
fat loss.”

She’s got a couple of my programs and well, I’ll
let her tell you in her own words –

“yes my friends and I ( 5 women between 42-62) get
together 3 times per week for ~ 35-45 minutes (even
in the snow and misty rain), I had printed KBE and
we each choose a workout each day.”

First, let me just say that Anne and her friends
are awesome!

They are Action Takers, which explains why she goes
on to say –

“We have all achieved varying degrees of success…”

THERE! There it is!

Do you see it!

It’s insidious I tell you!

So subtle you probably think I’ve lost my mind
cause you probably don’t know what I’m talking


Let’s take a closer look:

“I had printed KBE and we each choose a workout
each day.”

And –

“We have all achieved varying degrees of success…”

Here’s the deal:

Whether she’s talking about “Kettlebell Burn
EXTREME!” or “Kettlebell Express!” neither is
meant to be a “choose a workout each day”


That’s the insidious workout mistake!

It’s the thought that just doing any old KB
workout will give you the results –

Nope – scratch that –

The EXACT RESULTS you’re looking for.

It won’t.

It doesn’t.

It never will.

Which is why Anne and her friends have “all
achieved varying degrees of success.”


But hold on there, pardner, we’re not done yet.

Cause Anne’s about to unload a big question
on you –

One that you’ve undoubtedly asked before, if not
wondered on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Here goes –

“What we really wanted to know is if we should
try something new to get out of our various

And that’s not just insidious, that’s a DEATH TRAP
my friend.

Many of us are constantly looking for something
“new” or the next best thing – a fresh, new,
exciting workout.

You don’t need anything “new” – you need something
“routine” and more importantly –


Something that’s consistent, where you can measure
and track your results on a daily and weekly

That way you can MEASURE your progress.

To see if you’ve really plateaued or not.

And that just cannot be done if you’re cherry
picking workouts each day.

Or bouncing around to new workouts every other

Sure, you might get lucky and get some results.

Or you might not.

Is it worth the risk?

Isn’t your time and energy worth more to you than
to gamble on maybe getting results or maybe not
getting results?

I certainly hope so.

That’s why I designed the “Kettlebell Burn Inner

It’s for SERIOUS kettlebell trainees who want to
not only break out of plateaus, but never plateau

All the programs are progressive in nature, allowing
you to track and measure your progress, each
week – every week – so you can do one thing:


What kind of results?

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that I lost 4
pounds during the Common Sense Fat Loss program.
And I don’t miss them one bit. Thank you! And
I’m loving the snatch program…

… I also love not having to program myself. I
spend so much time figuring that stuff out for
my clients, my brain needs a break. Even though
the Inner Circle programs aren’t customized just
for me alone, I really feel like they are.
You’re a genius! :)

Karen Rossler”

Be an Action Taker.

Stop program hopping and start seeing measurable

Month in and month out.


And put an end to this insidious kettlebell
workout madness for good.

Talk soon.


If you found this email helpful, feel free to forward it
to a friend or loved one.

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