Are You Part Of The “December Story?”

I was on the phone yesterday afternoon with one of my clients in Australia.

We were talking about his training program and then rolled onto his business. (He’s a trainer and has his own business.)

Business was doing better than ever, but he did have a couple of people drop out for the month of December.

One guy’s excuse?

He had to help his mother move.

All. Month. Long.


Some people will come up with ANY excuse to stop working out and fall off the “nutrition wagon” in December.

In fact, they actually PLAN on it.

For some weird reason they rationalize it and justify it in their heads with some lame excuse.

The problem is, they do all sorts of mental gymnastics as to “why” they’re going to stop working out instead of just saying they’re going to take the month off.

As a result, it gives them a “reason” to do whatever the heck it is they want to do for the month.

And then “magically,” when January rolls around and they’re 10 pounds heavier, and see a soft and doughy person staring back at them in the mirror, well, it just wasn’t their fault…

Look, I get it.

Life is busy during December.

You may feel a little overwhelmed.

You may even want to check out.

So dial back on your workouts a bit if you need to.

But don’t erase your gains by checking out completely.

This weekend, after you have done your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping, and put all the parties on the calendar, set aside some time for yourself each day.

Just 15-20 minutes.

Do these workouts.

They’ll –

1. Help alleviate any stress associated with this time of year.

2. Make sure you don’t erase any progress you’ve made during the previous 11 months and become just another “December Story.”

And –

3. Amazingly help you burn off some body fat* while every one else is busy putting it on this time of year.

Talk soon.


*How much body fat? I don’t know for sure. It depends on YOU – how much extra you’re eating or not eating this time of year.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll burn more doing these workouts than if you slacked off for the month.

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