Are You (WE?) Getting Scammed By Overpriced “Health” Foods??

Do you ever feel sick about how expensive health
food and so-called “superfoods” are these days?

It’s almost like they see you coming, know what I

Case in point:

Sunday night I went to my local grocery store – that’s
right grocery store – not even WholeFoods – to grab
a quick bite to eat for my wife and I after the kids went
to bed.

It’d been a long week of 3 out of the 4 of us being sick
as dogs and neither of us had the energy to cool.

So you know what I got?

Stuff to make ham ‘n cheese sandwiches.

You know how much I spent?



I know, right???

To make ham ‘n cheese sandwiches???

Well you can’t just get the regular ham anymore – it’s
loaded with hormones and nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, and
sulfates. So you have to get the “All Natural” stuff.

$13.47 per pound.

Then you have to get “artisan” bread – you know – the
bread that doesn’t have all the additives and preservatives.

It has five ingredients:

Unbleached enriched flour, water, sea salt, organic whole
wheat flour, whole spelt flour.

The “regular” bread has 20+ due to the additives and

So… I get the honor of paying more… for less.

That was $3.29 for the loaf.

And then, you can’t just buy regular cheese anymore
because we all know it’s just made with cheap oils
and food dyes.

Hello Smoked Gouda.


You like salami?

Who doesn’t??


Can’t buy the stuff we used to eat when we were kids.

More “-ites” and “-ates.”

(Not to mention all that sodium! Heck you might just bloat
up and look like a puffer fish or something.)

Now, you probably know me by now – I could have
EASILY eaten ALL of that and still had room left

Thankfully (?), my stomach was feeling all bloated and
distended so I didn’t eat that much – only 3 sandwiches
and my wife only had one. So fortunately, there is still
some sandwich stuff left over.


(My grandfather would probably be rolling in his grave
if he knew.)

So my little foray met 3 out of the 4 criteria for “Convenience” –

Fast, Easy, Tasty, and Cheap.

Like I said, 3 out of the 4 – not cheap.

Turns out I goofed up.

In fact, I’ve been lied to. (So technically it’s not my
fault, right?)

We all have.

Eating healthy does NOT have to be expensive at

For example, it turns out there’s more nitrites in freakin’
arugula – yeah – that bitter tasting leafy stuff they sneak
in your fancy salad at restaurants than in 467 hot dogs*!

(Thanks to my buddy Nick Pineault for pointing that out

So I probably could’ve just gotten the regular ham and
saved myself about 40%.

Anyway, turns out there’s virtually a whole “conspiracy”
against us (we, the consumers) by the Big Food
Companies to get us to spend our hard-earned cash
on their so-called “Health” Foods.

For example, did you know that the “Naked Juice”
brand – yeah, the one owned by Pepsi – that’s right –
the soft drink manufacturer (Bet you didn’t know that
did you?) –

Had to pay $9 million to consumers after losing a class-
action lawsuit** over falsely claiming to be “all natural.”

In a stunning statement of denial/guilt, “Naked Juice”
posted a statement on Facebook “stands by its ‘all
natural’ claims but admitted it will no longer use the
phrase on packaging.”**

Gotta love it.

Anyway, speaking of my buddy Nick who told me about
the nitrite thing, he and his “super-sleuth” partner Gen
expose the 3 newest health food scams to be on the
lookout for the next time you (or your significant other)
got to the grocery store.

Check out these 3 new health food scams here.

Here’s the cool part for me since our grocery bill tends
to be on the high side from all the organic and “all
natural” stuff we buy (No “Naked Juice” for us fortunately):

Nick and Gen show you (and me it turned out) how
to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

That’s some seriously good news in my book.

Check it out here.

Talk soon.




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