“At What Point Did You Give Up?”

I was traveling on Friday and I was struck by all the Zombies walking around.

People who just looked… Dead.

What do I mean?

The best way to describe it is from that scene in Men In Black when “Bug” pulls the human into the hole, skins him, and stuffs himself inside the skin.

He just doesn’t look… Right.


















Sure, there’s that whole “pride in appearance” thing…

But this was more.

The “average” person was a good 20 pounds or more overweight.

And no, I’m not dogging on “overweight” people.

(Believe it or not, I was “overweight” once. I was 252 pounds my senior year of college. I was 165 my freshman year. And as hard as I lifted, it wasn’t all muscle, that’s for sure.)

I’m just making observations.

It was almost like people quit caring about themselves.

They’re just punching the clock until their short time on this planet is over.

Now I’m not trying to sound morbid or anything like that.

Again, just making observations.

Life’s too short not to have fun… Not to make the most of every opportunity.

Part of being able to do that is to be physically capable.

Ready for what comes next.

That’s one of the reasons for kettlebells.

They help you build a certain type of resilience.

… the ability to take what life throws at you and bounce back.

The key to that resilience of course is to know what kind of kettlebell workouts you should be doing.

Sure, the “basics” can go a long way.


Sometimes you need – want – more.

Sometimes you need less.

One thing is for sure –

You need a clear path – or a clear vision of the path you need to walk to gain that resilience.

If you’ve been feeling like a Zombie lately, here’s the antidote. (And no, it’s not a shotgun blast to the face.)

Stay Strong.


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