Athletic Training Strategy To Make Your Life And Workouts Easy (Especially Now)

I came home late Sunday night – around Midnight from
a weekend of traveling and presenting.

As a result, my son, who’s 3-and-a-half, wanted to play with
me pretty much all day yesterday. To say he missed me would
be an understatement.

Well, we didn’t play ALL day, because I did have some
work to do, but we got to play way more than we normally

AND – I was able to get a workout in as well – something
that seems to take the backseat to other priorities this
time of year for many people – maybe even you.

(The funny thing was, my boy was watching me work out,
and he was mimicking me, which is always good for bonding
and imprinting good values.)

But my workout wasn’t complicated at all.

Just one exercise – and I only spent about 15 minutes
working out.


Because I have a lot of projects to get done in the next
22 days – before the year’s end, not to mention travel,
and of course Christmas.

That’s why I recommend treating this time of year as a
“post-season” -

That time of year in an athlete’s calendar where he’s
finished his regular season play and now he’s in that
transition period where he’s active, but not going out
of his way to “kill it.”

For example, a basketball player doesn’t have any official
practice in the post-season, but he’ll still practice the
basics at a much lower intensity: Ball-handling and
shooting skills just to keep an edge on his blade.

If he’s at all serious about his sport, he won’t just sit
on his butt playing Nintendo and eating Cheetos.

Unfortunately, many people view workouts as “all or
nothing” this time of year.

Big mistake.

You don’t have to quit working out because you’re too

Pick one or two KB exercises and just “practice” them.

Which ones?

You have 3 options:

1. KB exercises you enjoy.

More of a good thing is better than nothing at all.

For me, this would be the double KB Clean + Press.


Because it pretty much covers everything – especially
when I change up the sets and reps.

Strength. Check.

Muscle growth. Check.

Fat loss. Check.

Conditioning. Check.

2. KB exercises you hate / suck at.

Sometimes just making your weak points a priority for
a season – just 15-30 minutes a day – can pay BIG future

For me, these are Double Swings. I don’t suck at them, but
I’m not a big fan either.

Why not?

They’re hard.

I have to use a really wide stance. They make me feel

I’d rather do Double Cleans. They’re easier.

But the Double Swing allows you to save your hands and
serves as good prep work for the Double Snatch.

Plus, they’re easy on the shoulders so for many people,
they can use a higher volume and frequency of Double Swings
than Double Snatches.

3. KB exercises you want to learn or that interest you.


Lots of them around this time of year.

Bumping into you while you’re shopping. Cutting in line.

Huffing, humpfing, and snorting behind you while you’re
in line, because, you know, they’re SO important and
their time is SO valuable – WAY more valuable than yours…

Oh wait, not those kind of jerks. ;-]

I mean Double KB Jerks.

Arguably one of the most technical of KB exercises, but
also arguably one of the most beneficial.

– They increase and maintain your shoulder mobility
and therefore strength

– They make your entire body stronger

– They are one of the best overall conditioning and fat
loss exercises known to man, especially when combined
with Cleans (a la, the Long Cycle Clean + Jerk).

Pick one of the three and play around for the next 3-4

Want a “fun” post-season that sets you up for 2015?

Then start routinely playing with the double kettlebell
exercises every day.

Just 15 to 20 minutes will do you.

Learn how to do them correctly with “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


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