Australian V. American Food (Not Kangaroo) And Why It Matters To You

… Although we are having kangaroo for dinner tomorrow
night. (Seriously.)

Greetings from the Land Down Under! 

Yep, down here in Australia. 
Teaching a “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop tomorrow night
and an Original Strength Foundations Level 1 course on
Saturday and Sunday at my friend Piers’ place.
We were sitting around talking about the difference in 
our food sources and quality today while drinking 
chocolate milkshakes. ;-)
The Australians are apparently about 2 to 3 decades
behind the American food industry in its capacity 
to preserve and add chemicals to its foods to make
them last longer and manufacture them cheaper.
In other words, Australian food is generally healthier
for you than standard American food.
Sure, the organic/natural craze has hit down here
but the gap between the organic and regular isn’t as
wide between the two.
Why’s it all matter, you ask?
Quite simply, you are what you eat.
And if you’re eating crap, well guess what?
You’re going to feel like crap.
(How do you like that science? ;-] )
For example, grass-fed beef is healthier than corn-
fed beef for the simple reason that the grass-fed
has less fat in it.
Well, that and the corn most cattle are fed is 
genetically modified.
(They don’t have GMO foods down here in Oz.)
Ok, and then there’s the rBGH (Recombinant Growth 
Hormone) given to cattle to mature them at a faster-
than-normal rate.
(rBGH is banned down here in Oz too.)
The problem is that eating organic can be cost-
But if eating our traditional American “manufactured”
food is bad for you, what do you do?
“Wait… Wait… Why is American manufactured food 
bad for you?”
Well due to its manufactured nature, it’s not absorbed
by your body the way it’s supposed to be and can 
actually increase cellular inflammation.
Why’s inflammation bad?
It’s not.
It’s a natural part of the healing process that your
body uses to protect itself and heal the pain caused
from an injury or infection, directed by your body’s
defenses – your immune system.
However, too much inflammation – or CHRONIC inflammation -
actually harms your body instead of healing it.
What is Chronic Inflammation and how do you get it?
It’s when your body no longer has the ability to
turn off it’s inflammatory response and starts
damaging healthy tissue, including your intestinal
and stomach linings, your arteries and heart, increasing
your risk of heart disease, and even damage your
joints and cause rheumatoid arthritis.
Nice huh? 
No, not really.
What are some of the symptoms of Chronic Inflammation?
- Chronic joint and/or muscle pain
- Onset of allergies or increased allergies
- High blood pressure
- High blood sugar
- Ulcers, Irritable bowel, or blood in your stool
- Constant fatigue or lethargy
- Skin problems, like excema 
The good news is you can actually use some foods
to fight chronic inflammation.
Here are 101 of them:

And, nope, kangaroo meat is not on the list. :-)
You know what else causes chronic inflammation?
Lack of sleep. 
Speaking of…
Gotta run – the jet lag is starting to get me.
Talk soon.

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