Babysitting V. Kettlebells… Who Wins?

Yeah, I know – really weird headline today… lol

I’m cranking this out for you with about 35 minutes
left before my wife heads out the door to take
some CEUs to maintain her PT license.

That means Daddy – yours truly – is babysitting –

All. Day.


Our son normally takes 2 naps a day – one in the
morning and one in the afternoon. However, he’s
slowwwllllyyyyy making the transition away from
that afternoon one.

It’s becoming shorter and shorter and shorter –
unless of course Mommy really wears him out.

Today, it’s Daddy’s turn.

And that poses a problem.

I’ve gotta get my training in today.

Normally it’d be somewhere between 12 and 2pm.

Don’t think that’s going to happen today.

But that doesn’t leave me in the lurch.

Nope – I’ll get it done at some point.


Cause it’s only 20 minutes long.

That’s it.

20 minutes.

Why so short?

Cause that’s part of the cycle I’ve designed for
myself. (This one is approx. 30 days.) That’s “all”
I need today.

Yup – just 2 ballistic exercises today – alternating
back and forth between sets.

You can do the same thing too.

Here’s how:

1. Pick a duration for your cycle – I like 30 day
cycles the best. They’ve proven their worth time
and time again to me.

2. Pick a focus – strength, fat loss, conditioning, etc.
(Are they’re really more than that?)

3. Pick your exercises – keep this one simple –
between 2 and 4 is best.

4. Pick your sets and reps – ladders, straight
sets, super sets, whatever you want – just make
sure it matches your goals.

5. Pick the duration you want to train – 20 minutes
three times a week is a great start for most.

6. Pick the days and times on each day you want
to workout – M/W/F is a time-tested format.

7. Get started!

It’s really that simple.

Don’t over-think it – just follow the steps above and
you’ll be on your way to making some serious
progress – instead of falling into the WOD trap we
talked about yesterday.

Gotta run – wife/Mommy almost ready to leave…


P.S. If this seems like too much thinking for you, don’t
worry – I’ve already designed a bunch (over 49) different
KB programs for you that you can do in about 60
minutes per week.

Get them here –

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