Bad News… Good News…

I’ve got some bad news for you – and it’s really frustrating
to me.

I switched over to a fancy pants shopping cart last
December and long story short, the thing, for lack of
a better description – blew up on me.

So now I have to shift back over to the old cart.

That means – and I’m sorry – this didn’t work out the
way I planned – I won’t be releasing “More Kettlebell
Muscle” until tomorrow.

Now here’s the Good News:

When you order “More Kettlebell Muscle” tomorrow
I’m going to throw in a really cool bonus called –

“The MKM RFL Accelerator White Paper”

Sound official, doesn’t it?


Anyway, in keeping with the simplicity theme of
“More Kettlebell Muscle” you’ll learn three drop dead
simple tweaks for your MKM programs that will accelerate
your fat loss.

By how much?

How’z about an extra pound or so per week without
any serious effort on your part?

It’s almost like putting the whipped cream on top
of you apple pie a la mode – I mean may as well,
your already there, right?

Same kind of concept here.

May as well – already there…

Anyway, you’ll find this information so simple, so…

Enjoyable… You’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it

(Well, probably cause nobody ever put the pieces together
like this for you.)

So anyway, this is just one of the bonuses you’ll receive
tomorrow when you grab your copy of “More Kettlebell

Talk tomorrow.


P.S. I’ve had tons of emails from people wanting to know
when I’m getting this thing out – I promise – I’ll do my best
to have it ready to go by Noon EST tomorrow.

P.P.S. It never fails – whenever I show people how to do
something quickly and simply – like the “More Kettlebell
Muscle” programs – they always want to do “more.”

If that’s you, you’re going to love the “White Paper” bonus
cause I’ll show you how to do more with virtually zero
extra effort on your part.

It’s so incredibly simple… I’m still shaking my head. But
because it is, most people will either overlook it or discount
it. I’m sure you won’t be one of them…

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