Banish Your “Food Guilt” (Lessons From My 11 Month Old.)

I hope you “survived” Thanksgiving yesterday if you
celebrated it.

We did.

My wife made a lovely dinner.

And instead of hanging with friends or family, we
chose to be recluses and just enjoy the four of us.

I played with my son all day, and when he was down,
I got to spend some alone time with my daughter.

Speaking of, they were both out on the deck, because
here in the high desert, temperatures swing wildly
back and forth – it was 65 yesterday –

And she learned how to climb up their little kiddie
slide – the actual slide part first, then around the
back and up the steps.

Hard to believe she’s going to be one next week…

Anyway, it made me think of you and me and the
struggles we face.

Life has a way of beating you down – robbing you of

But little kids know none of that – at least when
they’re raised in a safe, protected, loving environment.

Like my daughter –

Yesterday, when she failed, she didn’t throw up her
hands in disgust, retreat inwardly, and beat herself

You know, like we do when we “mess up” – when we “fail.”

Like when we chow down and “fall off our diets.”

Oftentimes, we just give up and keep on going down
further down the road of our own personal hell –

Trying to suppress that shame and inner torment.

But we don’t have to –

YOU don’t have to.

Which brings us to our final “Thrival Strategy” –



Really, it should be “so you can keep going” but in
order for the “so” to be there, you need to make the
determination that you will keep going and never quit,
no matter what –

Just like my daughter did.

She didn’t get up that slide or those steps first try.


But she just kept going until she was able to do what
she wanted to do.

Sure, she had a little support from me – I stood behind
her and held her just a bit so she could keep moving –

So she could taste success.

In the same way, we all need a little support, encouragement
and direction.

That’s why I put together the “Kettlebell Secrets Holiday
Survival Guide” for you.

In it you’ll discover the 3 simple and easy-to-use strategies
that will let you eat what you want and enjoy yourself
this Holiday Season GUILT FREE.

It’s a present you give to yourself. :-)

Get ALL the details here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Once you download your “Holiday Survival Guide”
make sure you print it out and put it in a file because
you’ll be able to use it again next year.

Heck, actually, you’ll be able to use it all year long.


Unlike that ugly sweater you know you’ll probably get
next month, that you’ll never wear,this gift keeps on

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