Becoming Like Pavel

Just got home Monday night after almost 2 weeks in
Hungary teaching at both the level 1 and level 2.

One of the best parts of these weekends is getting to sit
down and hang with Pavel – pick his brain, catch up, and
just hang out.

And just about every time I see Pavel – I inevitably tell him
that in my opinion, he has to teach more joint mobility /
flexibility work.

Here is what the conversation usually looks like:

Me – “Pavel, you really need to do that Beyond Stretching
workshop again or teach your flexibility and mobility
concepts. People really need this stuff. Plus, other people
are teaching inferior concepts of it…”

Pavel – “Eh, Geoff, you know what? That stuff is so
simple, so elementary, so boring… people should
already know it.”

To which I reply –

Me – “Yeah, but they don’t. All they want to do is
lift the heavy stuff. Then they get hurt. I’m a perfect
example. I know it’s not sexy, but it’s what they really
need to achieve their strength goals.”

Pavel – “You have a point – you might be right…”

Or something like that…

Well rumor has it that Pavel is going to show a select few
EXACTLY what he does for his flexibility and joint
mobility work.

And by “EXACTLY” I mean take you through his
own personal routine.


Here’s how you can get in on it.

Talk soon.


P.S. I had a 6th degree black belt in karate on my
team at the RKC 2 last weekend who has used Pavel’s
methods to achieve the splits in only 3 months…

… and do Pistols…

… and pass the RKC…

… all in the last year.

Imagine what could you do…

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