Best KB Exercise Progression For Fastest Results? [PRINT OUT]

Ok, let’s assume for the sake of argument that you want to
accelerate your results –

You know –

Stronger… Leaner… Increased conditioning…

And let’s also assume you have more than one KB.

And, as long as we’re assuming things –

Let’s also assume that you’re familiar and have routinely
used the single KB lifts.

Sound good?

Ok, so then, here’s what we’re gonna do:

You’re going to use a pair of KBs for your workouts. 

(Of course – 2 is better than 1, right? ;-] )

And for our final assumption of the day –

Let’s also assume that your pair of KBs ain’t exactly light.

This progression will make this pair of KBs turn from heavy
to light

So, here’s the plan (Stan):


Front Squat.

You’re going to work the double KB Front Squat (DFSQ)
3 days a week.

The DFSQ will work every muscle in your body.

It’ll jack up your heart rate and not only make you
stronger, but if you shorten your rest periods a little,
you’ll also get your MetCon on.

Nothing else – except maybe some direct abdominal work
just in case your abs don’t get enough love from the
DFSQ. (Ha!)

Start with multiple sets of low reps.

Then progress to medium reps.

Spend about 4 to 6 weeks here.

You can also practice some of the other double KB lifts
if you want to. (Probably a good idea.)

Then you’re ready for –


Push Press.

In the strength world, if you can’t press it, you push
press it.

The Push Press, like the DFSQ, also works every muscle
in your body, including your heart and lungs.

You have to adequately and properly pressurize your abs
so you get a nice ab workout to while doing it.

At first, when lowering the PP, make sure you catch it
with your legs.

(If you don’t know how to do that or aren’t sure, get
these videos

Then, actively pull them down, under control, into the
rack position.

This will strengthen up the muscles you use for the
Military Press.

(And do so rather quickly.)

Like the DFSQ, start with multiple sets of low reps
and progress to medium – even high reps.

And like the DFSQ, the PP will also radically improve
your conditioning and body fat levels.

Do the PP 3 days a week.

Practice some of the other double KB lifts – especially
the Clean.

Practicing the Double Swing won’t hurt you either.

Again, 4 to 6, maybe even 8 weeks here, then move
on to –


Military Press.

If there’s ONE exercise that will really make your upper
body strong –

And give a man that strong, rugged appearance and women
that “toned” tight upper body –

It’s the Double KB Military Press (DMP).

That’s because of the amount of total body tension
required to be successful with this lift.

You literally have to tighten every muscle in your
body to press anything significant over your head.

Why would you want to press heavy weight over your

Like I already mentioned – to use every muscle in your

This requires energy.

LOTS of energy.

Again, just like the PP and DFSQ, start with lower
reps for multiple sets and progress to medium reps.

As in previous phases, practice some of the other
lifts as well. Cleans and Swings are great here.

Like before, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 8
weeks here before moving on to –


Combo lifts – Clean + Press 

There are very few exercises better than combining
two of the major double KB lifts into one.


Because doing so taxes the entire body in a harmonious

“Harmonious” – there’s a word you rarely here.

It means pleasing and consistent.

Kinda what we expect to see when we look in the mirror,

The Clean works pretty much every muscle on the back
of your body and the Press works pretty much every
muscle on the front of your body.

Not only that, combining the two can really challenge
your cardiovascular conditioning, especially when
programmed correctly.

It’s a virtual one-stop shop to a total-body tune up.

As in the previous 3 phases, start with lower reps for
multiple sets and progress to medium reps.

Plan on spending 6 to 8 maybe even as long as 12 weeks
here. If you allow it, this can be one of the most productive
phases of training you ever use.

Once through this phase, you’ll want to go to –


Start moving from the medium reps to higher reps.

Use more advanced exercises like the Clean + Push Press,
the Clean + Jerk, or even the Double KB Snatch.

This 5 Phase + plan can literally last you for YEARS.

Imagine –

You start with a pair of KBs you can Front Squat 5 times
and over the course of a year (maybe a little more) you
build yourself up to doing multiple sets of 10,15, even
20 reps on the Clean + Jerk.

That kind of programming would revolutionize your body
inside and out, wouldn’t it?

Of course, you need to make sure you know how to perform
all the double kettlebell lifts safely and correctly so
that your technique is good to go.

Otherwise, you could (and probably will) get hurt.

That’s why I put together close to 4 hours of technique
training for you in “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll also get the “STRONG!” program which you can use
for the first 4 of these phases – so you don’t have to
guess about your programming.

It’s all laid out for you set by set and rep by rep 3
days a week (or 2 if you’re hard pressed to find the time).

You’ll also learn the most common mistakes for each of
the double kettlebell lifts and how to correct them –
cues and assistance exercises.

It’s all there in a 2 DVD set and an 89-page “fluff”
free book.

For best short and long term results from your double
KB training get your copy of “Kettelbell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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