BEST KB Program Ever?? (REALLY?)

Hey, hey, hey – Happy Frida-a-a-y-y-y-y!!

Really quick – felt like I had to pass this on to you.

More on what “this” is in just a moment…

First, the reason “why.”

I’m a BIG believer in “leverage” – maximizing everything
I can with as little effort as possible.

That’s why I like kettlebells. And that’s why I LOVE the
double KB work.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to
place it, and I shall move the world.”

- Archimedes, Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer,
inventor, and astronomer

When you use the right double KB exercises and structure
your program correctly, you literally can leverage your time
and energy and change your own world with less effort than
you thought possible.

And that’s why I created “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

It’s the “long lever” you’ve been looking for that will move
your world.

Stronger. Leaner. More muscular. Better conditioned.
Less time and effort than you’re used to putting forth.

Pretty simple concept really.

However, it’s one thing for me to tell you how great

“Kettlebell STRONG!” is.

It’s another thing altogether when someone else does it, like
Doug Niethammer, who sent me this email yesterday:


Wow!!!!!! Best program I have ever done. I am 41 years old and
have been lifting weights since I was 18. I completed the “Strong”
program with a max rep of 10 clean and presses. I then started
the “Slow and Steady” program and had to stop at workout 17
due to family and work commitments. I started from the beginning
and just finished up workout 22. Not only do I feel stronger but
I feel better. I have gained about four pounds of muscle with
no changes to my diet. The videos and companion book are
priceless, they are easy to understand and very helpful. Being
that I live in Eastern NC and have not been able to locate a
kettlebell instructor within a two and a-half hour drive from
my house I would like to thank you for being my coach and
putting Kettlebell Strong together…”

BIG Congrats to Doug and all he’s accomplished so far.

Would you like to experience the types of results Doug has

Well you can when you use the “principle of leverage” by
grabbing your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend.

Talk soon.


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