BEST Kettlebell Workout EVER? (Doubt It.)

What is the BEST kettlebell workout EVER?

Would you do it if you knew it?

Honestly, I don’t believe there is ONE best workout of
all time – EVER.


Why not?

Several reasons:

1. Not all people are in the same place in their KB journey.

Some are just getting started, and some are grizzled veterans.

Some people have some major structural limitations / high
mileage and past injuries – and some have a clean bill of

So your body can be the limiting factor as to what the best
workout is for you.

2. Not all people have access to the necessary KBs.

Some people, like me, have a full set of KBs. From the small
ones to the really big ones.

(Swinging a 145lb monster is another kind of “fun.”)

And others, only have access to one.

So your kettlebell or lack of kettlebells is the limiting factor
to what program/ workout you can do.

3. You’re body is in a different state than it was this time last
year (maybe).

If you’ve been sitting on your butt for the last year, this one
doesn’t apply to you.

This time last year you may have had an injury that precluded
you from doing whatever it was yo wanted to do. With your KB.

After faithfully rehabbing it, you’re good to go.

So now you have broadened your horizons and abilities.

Now you can handle – do – more.


You were 20 pounds overweight this time last year and a
deconditioned couch potato.

Since then, you’ve dropped 20, hardened up, and have a
new lease on life.

You can now obviously do more and handle more.

You’re ready for a bigger challenge.

Of course, in full disclosure, I think the programs I write
and offer to you are the best programs “out there” on the
market today.

Otherwise, how could I in good conscience put them out?

(Answer: I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.)

Admittedly, I don’t really cater to “pure beginners” – someone
who’s never touched a kettlebell.

I really like helping people who “know their way around” a
kettlebell (or two).

In other words, someone who I’m not worried is going to
drop the KB on his/her head (or his/her foot – or anyone


If you’re an intermediate kettlebell lifter looking to become
an “advanced” kettlebell lifter then you’ll want to read the
following (make sure you “enable images” in your email

Thanks, Jeremy. Appreciate the feedback and kind

As you can see, Kettlebell STRONG! is Jeremy’s favorite
or “best” program ever.

Want to experience Jeremy’s results?

Get Kettlebell STRONG! here.

Talk soon.


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