“Blocky Waist” Syndrome – 3 KB Fat Loss Mistakes (True Story)

I got a bummer of an email yesterday from Sarah.

She emailed me to get my opinion.

And after I read her email I felt really bad for her.

She’d been using kettlebells since this past February and
was none too happy.

Here was her problem:

She was trying to lose weight but actually the OPPOSITE

She GAINED 25lbs!

I winced as she described how her clothes no longer fit.

I shuddered as she told me her tiny little waist was now thick
and blocky.

And I shook my head in disbelief when she told me she didn’t
want to cut back on her beer, but knew she should.

From what I could deduce based on past experiences, here were
some of her mistakes –

Check your workouts to make sure you’re not making the same

1. Too much volume.

There’s a quirky phenomenon in the kettlebell world – people
get addicted to the work.

If some is good, then a whole lot more must be great.

Not true.

Here’s the problem:

The quickest way to pack on mass – especially for a woman – is
to turn up the volume.

Increase the reps and sets.

Big no-no.

It has to do with hormones.

No time to explain this here, so just trust me on this.

I’ve fixed this in women’s programs more times than I can count…

2. Making the “swap” mistake

Huh – what’s that?

You don’t know what the “swap” mistake is?

Oh dear…

Then you may very well be making it.

The “swap” mistake is a subtle but disastrous mistake that we make
in our subconscious.

It’s when we rationalize one behavior because of another.

For example, many people have heard of how many calories
KBs burn per hour, so they subconsciously eat more food when
they start using KBs.

They swap a positive behavior for a negative one – swinging KBs
for eating more [junk].

This is an absolutely awesome way to pack on the pounds and
thicken up in the middle.

You didn’t think that would happen when you heard about these
miracle pieces of equipment, did you?

3. More digging

Sometimes when 1 & 2 happen, people stop doing KBs.

Big mistake.

Sometimes, people make an even bigger mistake:

They panic.

And because they panic, they dig their heels in and actually do
EVEN MORE work – MORE volume – and that creates MORE

And then they get caught in a perpetual cycle of working more
and eating more.

(Mix in some binge eating and dieting in there too for good

So you need to do the opposite.

Here’s how:

1. Cut the volume.


You don’t have to do an hour’s worth of Swings.

No you don’t.

Do shorter, MUCH shorter workouts.

Like these:


And let your body’s hormones get back to center instead of
tapping out your adrenal glands and physically and emotionally
exhausting yourself.


2. Cut back your calories.


Eat half your dinner tonight.

It’s ok if you’re hungry afterwards.

You won’t die.

I promise.

Fill up on water or salad or veggies if you’re still

Plus, when you stop working out so much, your appetite
will stop raging.


3. Find something else that you like to do.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

And if you’ve been a workout junkie, you’ll need to fill that
time you used to spend obsessing – uh, I mean working out
with something else.

(NOT food – put the chips, cookies, pretzels or whatever
in the trash… Now. Seriously. Do it now.)

Sometimes – many times – doing less yields more, especially
if what you’ve been doing isn’t working.

Talk soon.


P.S. Seriously, stop working out so darn much.

Get shorter workouts and start losing that blocky waist.


P.P.S. Still reading? Ok, you must not believe me. That’s cool.

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It’s 45 minutes per workout, 3 days per week – and the way
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