Bon Giorno! Italian Coffee And A 115lb Fat Loss (WTH??)

That’s Italian for “Good Day!” – at least the Bon Giorno part.

The Italian Coffee part? 

Mmmm… Love the Italian coffee – Especially Espresso –
Which is what I had as soon as I got to the hotel
here in Vincenza.

Unfortunately, I got here a little later than expected
because my second bag was never loaded on the
plane in Philly.

Remember that part about giving props to US
Airways yesterday?

Yeah… Well I’m retracting it today.

Non buono.

Anyway, being here in Italy is a dream come true
for me.

I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. Ever since I was
a little kid growing up in England.

Speaking of “dream come true’s” –

You know what is a dream come true for many

Losing that extra weight once and for all that they
just can’t seem to lose

So, if that’s you, here’s something that will inspire

It’s an interview with one of my friends, Mikey
“Pancakes” Whitfield. 

(Yes, he’s a REAL friend – not one of those internet

Mike lost a WHOPPING 115 pounds – and here’s the
best part – has kept it off – for the last 10 years or so.

How’d he do it?

What’s his secret?

Can you model his success and drop that extra 20, 30
or even 50 pounds you’ve been carrying around since
you can’t remember?



Here’s the interview including some surprising new
research that will reassure you that this is doable.

I’m about to head out to relax and enjoy a big steak
dinner (and probably some more espresso).

Ciao! Ciao!

(As they say here.)


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