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Hey – happy “hump day.”

It’s midweek once again, and I thought I’d do something special for you to help you slide into the weekend.

First, a quick public service announcement.

I stopped by my video guy’s place yesterday and he informed me that all the major editing is done for “The Big 6” video series.

He just had to do some color-something-or-other –

Where he fixes the color so all the different shots from the different cameras look the same.

Then he has to render them to a thumb drive.

Then he has to FedEx the thumb drive to my tech guy in California.

(It’s cuz there’s something like 400GB of files – and that would take days to upload.)


With any luck, we should have those ready to go by mid to end of next week.

Second – here’s the page you need to bookmark:

These are quick double KB videos with step-by-step descriptions I made for you almost 6 years ago now.

I had them “hidden” on my site but never got around to putting them together on one page like this.

Not sure why…

Sorry about that.

So that’s what I just did.

(Don’t laugh at my savvy web-editing abilities.) <== Bookmark This Page

They will get you going if you don’t have “Kettlebell STRONG!”

I think they’ll be a good resource for you – which is why I told you to “bookmark” the page. :-)

Hope you enjoy them.

Stay Strong.

P.S. I’m super-excited about “The Big 6” videos.

I think you’re really gonna like them – there’s nothing on the market that I know of like them.

I shot them “workshop style” – so I have not just one – but two people as guinea pigs.

And you’ll see them learn how to use the KB “live” in real time.

“The Big 6” will allow you to learn, refine, and perfect all your single KB lift techniques – at your own pace – from the comfort of your own home.

They’re the culmination of 14+ years teaching kettlebells.
(Man! That’s a long time!)

In the meantime, if you want to dabble in the double KB lifts or just need a quick technique resource – bookmark this page:

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