Bored With Your Workouts? This “Secret Trick” Will Fix It…

I have to be honest here, I don’t understand this –

The idea of being “bored” by your workouts. I think it might
happen more to women than men, but I can’t say for

I’ve never done a program that’s been “boring” –

You know why?

Before I tell you, let’s just get Trap #2 out of the way:

Trap #2: Looking for “exciting” workouts or feeling
“bored” with your current workouts
And here’s the Secret Trick –

I focus on the goal.

See, I’m not trying to “get a good workout” or “feel like
I had a good workout.”

In fact, I’m actually concerned when my training feels
too hard – or harder than I think it should.


Because I know what it takes to get results.

And, at the risk of sounding snarky, I always get results.

You do too.

However, in both cases, it may not be the results we’re
looking for.

Make sense?

Maybe not – so let’s elaborate.

Most of us work out for an end result – improve our press
by 10%, train to pass the SFG, lose 23.5 pounds of body
fat – that sort of thing.

Wait – maybe you don’t.

Notice how those goals are very specific?

Are yours?

Or are you just “trying to get in shape?”

Or “trying to get stronger?”

Or “trying to lose some weight?”

Do you see how non-specific those goals are?

How wishy-washy they are?


As in, “I’m going to put some effort in, but not a whole lot.
And if I happen to reach my goals – whoopee! But if not,
that’s ok too, I guess…”

And that’s why you get bored.

Because your workouts – your training – if you can call it
that – has no real purpose, meaning, or context.

It’s just a box you check in your calendar.



Next task…

That’s why you need “exciting” workouts – because you
view working out as immediate entertainment, not a
process that takes time to lead to a desired result.

Now wait a minute – that all sounds very harsh in deed.

“Geoff, are you saying that my workouts shouldn’t be
fun, exciting, and fresh?”

That’s right, I am.

Sure they can be, but their purpose is to produce a desired

When I want to be entertained, I watch a movie, or hang
out with friends, or read a book.

Sure, my training is “fun” to a certain extent – as in, I like
it. But more than that, I like what it DOES.

I like how it makes me FEEL in the long run.

I like being strong, muscular, lean and capable of handling
almost anything life throws at me.

THAT’S the purpose behind my training.

So the “fun” is a result of the training.

You know what’s really “fun” for me?

Being 41 and feeling 21. Looking around at all the other
40-somethings – and I know this may sound snobby –
knowing that in 9 cases out of 10 – I’m not like them.

I’m not on meds.

I’m not overweight.

And I can even goof off on the playground with my son –

Swinging from the monkey bars, climbing on the equipment,
and running around playing chase, tag, or whatever.

That’s “fun.”

So that’s the key to overcoming workout boredom

Have a very specific goal and then tailor the program to
that goal.

The real “fun” comes when you watch your body morph in
front of your eyes
your body fat starts to disappear and
your muscles grow – you get leaner, and you feel stronger -

And you are stronger, because you’re tracking your workouts
and you can press or swing or snatch for more reps using
heavier weights…

And your conditioning is improving because you’re less
winded going up and down the stairs, or running because
you’re late – or playing Ultimate Frisbee – or whatever…

The point is – the results bring you excitement.

Make this year different from all the rest.

Commit to chasing specific results NOT a “good workout.”

My suggestion, as always, is to train for strength first,
and then focus on everything else.

The best way to train for total body strength – strength
that you – and others notice – is to get “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

This is a long-term program that will help you make a
pair of heavy kettlebells feel light. Not only will the “feel”
light – they’ll BE light – the numbers you’ll be tracking will

In other words, you’ll have something you may not have
had in the past – measurable results.

Get your copy here –

Back tomorrow with the third trap you need to sidestep…

Talk soon.


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