Burgers, Brats, And Beer Busting Workout [INSIDE]

If you live in the US, Happy Memorial Day!

And, if you were or currently are a member of the military,
Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

Most of us will take today off and end it by sitting around
the grill with friends and family eating some delicious
high calorie food –

Burgers, hot dogs, that sort of thing, topped off with an
icy bottle of beer.

We’ll finish it off with some ice cream or cookies or… Both.

Mmmmm… Good stuff.

However, we all know that we can tend to eat a little
too much at these events, so get out in front of those
calories and create a deficit before you even get to
grillin’ –

Create space and erase any room for tomorrow’s guilt
by hitting this short but intense KB workout.

It’s a complex, (of course), which means you’ll do all
the reps for one exercise, then move on to the next
exercise and do all those reps, then move on to the next
one, etc.

Got it?


Let’s get this thing rolling.

Use a pair of KBs you can press 10x for this.

Set your timer and see how long this takes you.

Clean                x 5
Front Squat       x 5
Press                 x 5
Clean                x 5
Front Squat      x 5

Your rest period is twice as long as the time it took you
to complete the set.

So if it takes you 1 minute, rest 2.

Do this 3 times.

I think you’ll find it to be “enough.”

Get it done any time before this afternoon’s festivities.



P.S. If you liked this workout or the structure of it, it’s
actually Day 1 of a program called, “The Wolf” that’s
found inside “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

You can get the rest of “The Wolf” along with 19 other
full-blown complex PROGRAMS for rapid calorie
destruction here.

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