Burgers, Brats, And Beers 4th O’ July Workout Special (Workout Inside)

Happy 4th o’ July to you! (If you’re American.)

Today’s the day where we celebrate our Declaration of

And that means we’re going to be circled up around the
ol’ grill later today chowing down on burgers, hot dogs,
and ice cold beers.

Mmmm… ice cold beer…

(Too bad I quit drinking last year. That would help quench
the ol’ thirst during this heat wave, that’s for sure.)

Anyhoo, there’s gonna be a massive influx of calories today
for most of us, so here’s a great workout to help create some
room for all that deliciousness.

– Set your timer for 20 minutes
– Do the following as a complex*
– Use your 10 rep max for your weakest exercise

Swing x5
High Pull x5
Snatch x5
Press x5
Front Squat x5

* A complex is where you do all the reps for one exercise
before moving on the next exercise and you don’t put the
weight down until all your reps are completed.

– If you can, use a pair of KBs
– If not, start with your weak side then move to your strong
– Do as many complexes as possible in the 20 minutes
– So, rest as needed between sets

I’m a BIG fan of complexes for getting a lot of work done
in a short period of time.

Which is great for a holiday like today, cause who wants to
spend all day working out? (Answer: No one.)

Give that one a shot and enjoy your 4th!


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