“Bye Bye Corrective Exercise…”

Are you tired of aches, “issues,” and corrective exercises
that seem to get you nowhere?

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I spent the better part of the decade of the 2000s stretching
this, mobilizing that (with precision!) to alleviate the pain

in my knees and the damaged cartilage in my hips only to

wake up at 38 weaker and fatter than I was at 28.

The sad part was I was still working out – as much as my
body would allow me – which, many times, wasn’t very
much at all.

It was like running up a gravel hill – the illusion of making
progress while still moving backwards.


– I used the foam roller and later a PVC pipe or self-myofascial
release incessantly from 2002-2006, long before the

“rumble rollers” were en vogue…

– I “stretched the short tight muscles and strengthened the
opposite long weak muscles” – or at least I tried. I never
seemed to get anywhere – even used that big fancy 3D
Stretch cage and let’s not forget “activating” muscles…

(Man I HATE YTWL exercises – big, fat, waste of time…)

– I used acupuncture, acupressure, ART, Graston, acupuncture
with electrical stimulation, electrical stim, bone scraping,
chiropractic, and traditional PT – all with limited success…

– My wife and I probably spent between certifications and
private appointments, close to $20,000 (yes, you read that
correctly) studying under what can only be described as a joint
mobility “performance” system for 4 years, only to, a) not “be
better than before” and b) be told that I wasn’t using the system
correctly and I didn’t know what I was doing.

Uh-huh, sure…

Then in 2010, my brother-from-another-mother, Tim Anderson,
and I were talking about our frustrations – we’d “fix” one thing
only to have something else “break.”

Long story short, we were both frustrated, and Tim, asked
God to show him the best way to build a resilient body.

That was the start of “Becoming Bulletproof” which later
became “Original Strength.”

4 years later, Original Strength is quickly spreading throughout
the world – (We’re scheduled to go to Australia in August and are
currently setting up workshops in Europe) – with our simple
message –

“You weren’t made to be broken. And you can find freedom
through movement.”

By simply implementing on a daily basis the 5 “resets”
found in the book, “Original Strength,” I was able to FINALLY
get out of pain and get back into REAL performance – not
some fake window of opportunity, nor changing my goals
because I couldn’t make it back to where I was before.

But I have a secret:

I didn’t just do Original Strength.

I did something more – like OS on steroids.

One of the most amazing things about the OS resets
is the ability to load them

And when you do, you literally move from “corrective”
mode to “superhero” mode.

What is “superhero” mode?

It’s the dream you had of being great – of being super.

It’s why you ran around as a kid pretending to be Superman

or  Wonder Woman, fighting crime and extinguishing evil.

And it’s why movies like The Avengers grossed $1.5

Because intuitively, we know we were made for something
more than driving back-and-forth to a 9-to-5 desk job
and a house in the ‘burbs.

(Yes, it’s a comfortable life, but we weren’t meant for
only living comfortably.)

In our new book, “Original Strength Performance,”
Tim and I show you how to recapture your youth and
re-awaken your Inner Super-hero.

This is the exact information that allows Tim to do a
Turkish Get Up with 82% of his bodyweight and allowed
me to do One Arm One Leg Push Ups and Muscle Ups,
exercises reserved for light and middleweights – at over
200 pounds and over the age of 40.

If you’re tired of being trapped in the corrective exercise
circus, and want to start making real PRs again, then
learn how to unlock your Inner Super-hero with
“Original Strength Performance.”

You can get a REAL hold-in-you-hand copy of the book

Or, if you want instant access, you can download a copy
onto your Kindle here.

Talk soon – off to save my world.


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