Calories, Carbs, Coke And Complexes (A Love Story…)

Can I be honest with you?

(Like I wasn’t before…??)

I LOVE to eat.

Maybe you do too.

And I love to eat trashy foods.

Some days, my caloric intake is close to 7000.

Yep, you read that correctly. 7000.

Let’s face it, in order to eat 7000 you’ve really gotta eat some
trash. Pure garbage for you foods. Foods high in carbs, salt,
sugar – all the “bad” stuff.

But if you eat that way all the time, you’ll definitely look like
60+% of the US population – FAT.

So you have to have a strategy.

And part of that strategy should include something that burns –

No wait – RIPS the calories off your body.

That’s where kettlebell complexes come in.

Sure you can do them with a single bell, but that really robs
them of their “superhero” powers. You just can generate high
enough forces to create the necessary metabolic demand
to blowtorch that body fat.

See, the beauty of double kettlebell complexes is that
they require A TON (that’s the scientific term) of energy to

And that energy comes from calories – stored as body fat.

But that’s not the best part – not by a long shot.

See, the double KB complexes are so challenging, that
they leave you sweating, huffing and puffing long after
you’ve done them.

This creates a demand by your body for more oxygen at
rest. (This is called the “Afterburn Effect.”)

And this means you’ll use more energy at rest –

Burn more body fat while resting.
(Up to 20% more for 38 hours according to one study.)

BUT – and here’s the BIG BUT(T) –

Your complexes have to take a lot of effort in order to get
this Afterburn Effect.

You have to really challenge yourself and go close to
all out.

And that means you can’t do these every day. Three times
a week is about right (sometimes four, depending on the

And you can’t go “all out” every workout either – nope –
you’ve gotta “wave the loads” – which means for best
results – you shouldn’t do the same complex every day.

(Your hardest, toughest complex should be done on
your high calorie day.)

All this programming takes some skill.

Fortunately, I’ve been studying this stuff for 20 years
and have put together the best double kettlebell complexes
around in “More Kettlebell Muscle” just for you –

So you can not only burn a ton of calories while you’re
performing your complexes but you can rest assured that
you’re getting that magical “Afterburn Effect” going so that
you can burn off that body fat while just sitting around.

Grab 20 different double kettlebell complex programs
(not workouts – actual programs) here –

… And use those high calorie days to your advantage.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you love to eat too, then take advantage of it
and start programming in double kettlebell complexes
to mitigate the “big butt” effects of those calories…

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