Celebrity KB Death Match: Hannibal V. Santa

Not sure if you remember or even watched MTV’s “Celebrity
Death Match” that ran about 10 years ago.

They were about 5-10 minute claymation fights between
celebrities – like Ah-nold and Stallone, Jon Stewart v. Tina
Fey, etc.

Usually, as the name suggests, the show would end in the
death of one of the celebrities.

What on earth has this to do with KB workouts?

Funny you should ask because hey, maybe I’m delirious,
cause it’s 10:38pm and I just finished my workout about
30 minutes ago and haven’t slept all week because my
poor wife’s been sick with the flu –

But it seems to me Hannibal (the general) v. Santa Claus
would be a good Celebrity Death Match.


Consider Hannibal was the Carthaginian general who
marched elephants over the Alps to defeat the Romans.

His famous quote, which I love, is:

“I shall either find a way or make one.”

Santa on the other hand, is a big fat guy, in a red suit, who
delivers presents once a year on Christmas Eve, eats cookies
and drinks milk, and isn’t even a real person.

It’s obvious who wins that Death Match:

The real general beats the figment of the imagination every

It’s so easy this time of year to be like Santa (not the giving
gifts part).

Rather, eating too many cookies and drinking too much
and not working out cause you’re too busy.

(It’s obvious Santa doesn’t work out…)

Why not use your imagination and be like Hannibal -

“Make a way.”

Shoot. It’s almost 11pm as I write this.

Nothing about my day went as planned.

But I still have a goal, a vision, a dream.

So no sickness, doctor’s visits or anything else is going to
get in my way.

If I don’t cross my own personal Alps, I only have myself
to blame.

So my wife went to bed and I went down to the garage
and worked out.

My workout wasn’t complicated either.

Cleans and Jerks.

10 work sets total.

Right around 30 minutes.

Now you don’t have to be as driven as me, but you don’t
have to give up or give in to your circumstances either.

You may not be able to work out the same as you normally
do, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrap your workouts
altogether this time of year.

Why not change your focus and use those extra calories
to your advantage?

Why not focus on building some muscle?

Muscle grows very nicely with extra calories – which isn’t
something most people think about – ever.

The best part is that muscle will help you with your future

How so?

Increasing the cross-sectional area of a muscle (gaining
size) has been scientifically proven time and time and time
again as a valid mechanism for gaining strength.

And it’s a better method for not only gaining strength, but
more importantly, maintaining your strength, than just pure
focused neural work.

Secondly, increasing your muscle mass increases your
metabolism, which means you’ll burn more calories at
rest. Not a bad deal.

And burning more calories at rest means you can potentially
burn more fat.

Finally, growing some extra muscle means that more likely
than not, when you go back to your normal workouts, you’ll
be able to do more work because your stronger. So if you’re
on a fat loss program, you’ll burn more calories and lose
more fat. If you’re on a strength program, you’ll get stronger

What kind of muscle-building program should you do,
since most muscle-building programs are relatively long?

Obviously a short one that will fit into your schedule.

You could use complexes with big exercises – double KB
lifts are best – cleans, presses, front squats, push presses…

Or you could do something you’ve never tried or even
thought of before…

You could do my “Double Stuff” program, which is a muscle
building program based on the Interval Method and the
Repeated Effort Method.

And I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before.

Every time I’ve used this system, which my weightlifting
coach developed (but hasn’t published) I seemingly gain
5 pounds of mass literally overnight.

The really cool part is “Double Stuff” in INCREDIBLY time

Can you find between 4 and 8 minutes, after your warm up
to grab an incredibly intense and emotionally satisfying

That will fit in anyone’s schedule, no matter how busy.

You can get a copy of the “Double Stuff” program when
you order “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Use “Double Stuff” 3 days a week, for the next 4 weeks,
and see how you get on.

Oh, and one more thing –

“Double Stuff” is designed to make you gain muscle no
doubt but one of the other things it will do because it’s
so challenging, is it might even help you shed an extra
pound or two, despite your best attempts to eat like
Santa this holiday season.

The way has been made for you.

All you have to do is walk it.

Talk soon.


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