Change Is Good…? Only If You Take Care Of This FIRST…

Thanks for filling out that survey for me last week. I really
appreciate it. I’ll have the results for you shortly – in the next
couple of days.

In the meantime, you ever wonder why we all say we like
change – that “change is good” (Hey, I’m thinking about making
this a campaign slogan – whaddya think? ;-] ) –

Yet when it comes right down to it – to the day-in-day-out
nitty-gritty, most of us fail to really embrace change.

Why’s that you think?

I’m pretty sure I know.

Before I tell you what I think the real reason is, I’ve been
making some changes too.

Here’s the biggest one I’ve made recently with regard to
my workouts –

I’m focusing SOLELY on the process, not the outcome.

More in a minute on that…

Why am I focusing on the process?

Because I’m learning more and more about this “Law of the
Harvest” (also called the Law of Sowing and Reaping).

And what I’ve come to conclude is that as long as I have the
process right – if I just focus on the steps in the process,
the outcome is virtually automatic and guaranteed.

Now I know I share a lot of stuff about my workouts with you,
but the details of this I’m going to reserve for awhile because
as big of a deal as it is to me – you may just think it’s no big

But that’s what change is – it’s a BIG DEAL for many, many

And because it’s such a big deal to many folks, they won’t
actually make the leap to change because they’re actually
afraid –

(I know I was…)


Of what?


The fear of failure is so overwhelming, so paralyzing, it’s
actually less painful to remain in the same position they
are now, then take the risk and fall flat on their faces

Know what I mean?

This is especially true when it comes to fat loss / getting lean.

So many people – maybe even you – have failed so often
in the past – for whatever reason –

Wrong time in their life, complicated program, poor programming,
unrealistic expectations, etc, etc, etc…

That the pain of failing again keeps them from even trying.

It’s ok.

Here’s a very SIMPLE way to help ensure success:

1. Focus on the LONG run. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Let’s say you are 20 pounds overweight.

Instead of trying to get it all off in a month, why not just take
your sweet ol’ time and aim for a paltry one pound a week?

In 5 months, with barely any effort, you’re 20 pounds lighter.


But just focusing on the process.

The process of:

– eating slightly less and changing the timing of your meals
– working out slightly more frequently
– are you really expecting a third one? Yes, it’s really that simple –
just 2 components

2. Eat less than you normally do…

– less junk food
– less at each serving
– less soda, sweetened ice tea
– less late night binging

Again, that easy.

3. And do more of the following -

– get more sleep: 7+ hours a night. No if’s, and’s, or but’s…
– train more frequently (yes! I did just write that)
– use less effort more frequently in your training – start working
“to a comfortable stop”

And that’s “it.”

That’s all you need to do to avoid failure and experience


How can I be so sure?

Because it’s all process – you’re just focusing on the process.

And the when you focus on the process, you don’t get distracted
by the outcome.

Yes, the outcome is still critically important, but if you get
bogged down in the details, then you’ll never achieve the

Pretty simple really.

That’s how you make change work for you and avoid

It’s like working from the inside out – a metamorphosis
literally takes place.

Which brings me to a the next question – I said to increase
the frequency of your workouts.

To what? How many?

Well assuming most people work out 3 days a week, simply
add a fourth day.

Just cut back on the intensity.

And the duration.

A time-tested template is 2 days of strength training and
2 days of conditioning each week. Alternated like the template

Day 1: Strength
Day 2: Conditioning
Day 4: Strength
Day 5: Conditioning

What should your workouts look like?

Go with the Clean + Press protocols out of “Kettlebell STRONG!”
and you’ll have 37 weeks of non-stop programming inside the
“STRONG!” program, AND…

You can recycle the “One” program (or use the Bonus
Modifications) with heavier, and heavier KBs until you’re
using a pair of 48s if you’re a guy and a pair of 24s if you’re
a lady.

Simple, easy, process-driven, no fail, can’t lose stuff right

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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