Changing Foot Positions For More Power…?

Funny how little things make such big differences,
isn’t it?

That whole thing about the “devil being in the details”
is so true, especially when we’re trying to be as efficient
as possible with our workouts.

Try this little change on for size –

Play with your foot position on your ballistics.

(Make sure you go lighter when doing this at first.)

We mostly teach the ballistics (Swings, Cleans,
Snatches) off the Deadlift and promote a just-outside-
shoulder-width stance with the feet turned slightly out –
anywhere between 15-30 degrees.

Instead of doing this, point your feet straight ahead.

Yeah, it’ll feel weird at first, but you’ll notice some things.

1. Your hips will move further back
2. You’ll feel more stretch in your hamstrings, especially
on the backswing
3. You’ll be more explosive (most people will be)

I could “geek-out” and go into the anatomical reasons
why this will help you out, but I’ll save you the boredom.

Just give this a shot and see if it makes a difference in
your Swings, Cleans, and Snatches.

Why would you want to to create “more power”?

Cause power is a measure of work.

And the more work you do – as long as it’s high quality – the
faster you’ll see your results.

Pretty simple really.

It’s all about being efficient – squeezing as much as you
can out of everything you got to get you where you want
to go at the fastest pace possible.

Try your new foot position with these efficient workouts –

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot, a great cue to think of while doing these
Swings, etc., with your new foot position is to think “Jump!” –
only (and obviously) keeping your feet flat on the ground.

This will really improve your power output and allow you to
do more work.

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