Chasing The Latest “New Fangled” KB Workoutz…

My apologies for not getting an email to you about WHY
you should use KBs to build muscle over the weekend.

Hope yours was a great one.

I had graduation on Saturday…

Nuff said.


Should you use KBs to build muscle?




It all depends on you and your goals.

What are YOUR goals?

I’m betting they might be different from mine.

Here’s my overarching goal:

Be as strong as possible and have as much energy
as possible to play with my kids and be the best dad
I can be.

Considering my daughter is 17 months old – this is a

VERY long term.

So, building muscle is part of it.

Using KBs to do it is pretty easy too.

Just combine the ballistics and the grinds for a higher

Exercises like the Clean + Press, the Clean + Push
Press, the Clean + Front Squat.

You get the idea.

You can do it with a single KB or a pair of KBs.

But like I said last week, if you’re gonna put some
muscle on, you should “prime” your body with a fat
loss phase first

You can put all this together on your own, or you
can get the “done for you” plan.

Here’s what Gary Goessler says about the “done
for you” plan:

Want Gary’s results?

Enroll in “Kettlebell 365” here.

Talk soon.


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