Church, Treadmills, Kettlebells, And AMPLIFICATION…

After church this past Sunday one of my friends came up to me all excited.

She told me how she implemented something I told her to do.

She got a treadmill and…


I pretty much checked out after the “treadmill part” and said,

“I’m missing something – I don’t recall telling you to get a treadmill.”

(Talk about confirmation bias – I couldn’t hear anything after “treadmill.” LOL)

Anyway – she said –

“You told me that it was consistency that I was missing so I’m going to walk every day for 30 minutes.”

Ahhhh… Ok.



That’s really THE KEY to getting anything in life.

Think about college (if you went) –

You had to consistently go to class.

You had to consistently do your assignments.

And you consistently had to take exams until you passed that course and ultimately got whatever degree you have.

There was no “magic” to it.

You simply had to show up.

Same thing with work.

If you want a paycheck, you consistently have to show up.

Again –

Not really any magic there.

However, if there is any “magic” it’s finding things that amplify your consistency, like –


See, I don’t expect my friend to see much in the way of results in the next 30 days.

So if you consistently do the wrong thing, you’ll consistently get the wrong results, right?

Makes sense.

So you have to not only be consistent –

But you have to do the right things.

Like kettllebells instead of the treadmill.

And you can AMPLIFY those “right” things by making “tweaks” –

In the case of using kettlebells –

Using TWO kettlebells instead of just one.

You leverage the power of the kettlebell.

And effectively double it.

For the most part, double KB workouts are better than single KB workouts.


Because the double kettlebell workouts have a greater systemic overload on your body.

In other words, they demand more from your body than just one KB.

That means you can potentially get faster results by using 2 KBs instead of just 1.

I say “potentially” because there’s another way to use leverage and amplify your results…

What is it?

Use somebody else’s brain to do the work.

What work?

Designing a program that gives you the biggest bang for your buck rather wasting your time trying to put something together yourself.

The best double KB program to amplify your results?

The “STRONG!” program found inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Get your copy here.

Much faster results than treadmills.

Leverage baby… Leverage.

Talk soon.


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