CLOSING DOWN – 24 Hours Left…

Just an FYI – the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program
is closing down just 24 hours from now at 12 Midnight MST.

Inside you’ll get immediate access to the following:

 – A cutting-edge KB training program based on the 4-Stage

   Cycle for Perpetual Results – so you can fix any movement
   dysfunctions, get stronger, get leaner, and build some well-
   needed muscle

 – Expert, in-depth, training videos describing each and every
   KB (and other) exercise used in each program, including 
   shortcuts and mistakes to watch out for -

   So you can make sure you’re doing each exercise properly
   to not only avoid injury, but maximize the benefits of each

 – Coaching and personalized feedback for all of your questions
   each month pertaining to your program, the exercises in the
   program, and the necessary nutrition to get the most out of
   each program -

   So that you have a clear plan of action and you’re not left 
   wondering if you’re “doing it right” or doing something wrong.

If having a solid, long-term plan and personal help executing
that plan sounds like something you finally want to get going
in your training, then the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching
program is what you’ve been looking for.

Enroll now and get started today.

Watch the welcome video which explains what this first month
is about and why we’re doing it.

Then download this month’s program (Stage 1 – where we’re
going to take care of your movement dysfunctions and resulting
compensations robbing you of your strength.)

After that, get started with the brand new mobility warm up – 
called the “Reflexive Reboot Mobility Warm Up.”

You’ll watch me go through it once so you can see how to do
it, then you’ll watch the second video about the warm up where

I break down how to do each exercise in detail.

From there, you’ll want to want to watch the rest of the videos
(there are 12 more) where I walk you through an in-depth 
tutorial of how to do each exercise in the program, helping you
avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

(There’s approximately 3 hours of video here – so this is the 
real deal – helping you get the most out of each exercise so 
you’re not wasting even more time than you already have.)

Then, all you have to do is get started with the workouts.

Of course you’ll want to check out the KSIC private Facebook
page to see if others have the same questions you do and maybe
ask one yourself. 

I check the page several times a day and usually respond within
6-8 hours – many times less. 

But you’ll only have access to all this until Midnight PST tonight.

I’d hate for you to miss out.

Enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program now
and get a plan, some help, and the results you’ve been looking

See you inside.


P.S. In case you missed it – The Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching
program will close down at Midnight MST tonight. No exceptions.

I’ll most likely open it back up when this program is done 8 
months from now. (That’s an awfully long time to wait.)

Get in now or get left out.

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