That apparently was how some people viewed my email
yesterday “For Men Only.”

But lest you think it was a slap at women, or that I’m some sort
of gender-bashing misogynist, think again, o ye self-righteous.

The FACT is –

I RESPECT women.

Especially strong women.

Here are some things you probably don’t know:

The majority of my clients are women (60%).

I have coached women’s sports teams. (My wife’s volleyball
team being one of them.)

And I push ALL of the women I train to be physically and
mentally strong. (Like the 71 year old grandmother of 3 who
can deadlift her bodyweight for reps AFTER overcoming, knee,
back, and shoulder pain.)

In fact, the strongest woman I know is my wife.

I watched her labor to give birth to our son for 56 hours. I
remember thinking in those moments how much I loved and
respected her for her strength and endurance.

56. Hours.


But here’s the really beautiful and amazing thing about my
wife –

She’s not only mentally strong, she’s PHYSICALLY strong.

Heck, at 40 weeks pregnant she was doing unassisted Pull


In fact, all through her pregnancy she trained her Pull Ups
and primarily bodyweight exercises. Very little KB. She said it
just didn’t feel good.

The fact of the matter is that women, probably more so than
men, can benefit from bodyweight strength training – especially
for their upper bodies.

That’s because women naturally have less upper body
strength and muscle mass than men.

And so, for a woman to get really strong, she should be training,
exclusively at times, with her bodyweight only.

When I’ve trained female athletes in the past, one of the exercises
I always focus on with them is the Chin Up.

Push Ups always go into the mix too.

And sometimes, even Parallel Dips.


Two reasons:

1. Because women have been brainwashed by the mainstream
fitness “gurus” to believe that if they train for strength, they’ll
“bulk up.” Which is a load of unadulterated crap. I HATE this
type of predatory marketing.


2. Women traditionally tend to focus on their lower bodies
because they are proportionally stronger there when compared
to their upper bodies. And because of this, they play to their
strengths. Of course, they’re not helped at all by #1 above.

Bottom line for women – Train like a man to look more like a
woman. (I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago.)

So then, the question is, will a woman benefit from my buddy
Zach’s “Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets?”

I can definitively and resoundingly say –

HECK Yeah!

ESPECIALLY if she hasn’t trained exclusively with bodyweight

So ladies, you will be physically stronger if you challenge
yourself with bodyweight exercises.

You will be mentally stronger if you embrace the short term
discomfort and frustration you might feel when training with
“just” your bodyweight.

The payoff will be phenomenal though.

When you get back to swinging those bells, they will be
crisper, tighter, easier, and lighter.

To make that happen I recommend you grab your copy of
Zach’s “Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets” by clicking the
link below:

Talk soon.


P.S. The really funny thing about yesterday’s “offensive” email was
that I had my wife read it. Her reaction? “That’s really good.” I
guess that’s because she’s a strong woman. And strong women
aren’t intimidated by strong men.

Regardless of your sex, get physically, mentally, and emotionally
stronger by learning to control and master your body by clicking
the link below:

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