I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just love a nice
dinner out.

“Nice” being the operative word.

Wait, what’s this have to do with KB training?

I’ll get there – hang tight.

See, most times going out to eat is just convenient.

My wife is an excellent cook.

And most restaurant food, compared to her cooking is
lower quality, lower quantity, overly-salty, and, well,
expensive for what we get – it’s just not worth the money
we pay.

Honestly, the last really great meal out we had was…

Paris. 2010.

So it’s been awhile.

Funny thing is, going out to eat, although convenient,
tends to be, long term, a gigantic waste of money.

Consider these amazing figures:

– The AVERAGE American work is shelling out more than
$20 per week on coffee, for a yearly average of $1092.
(Accounting Principles Workonomix survey)

– 66% of American workers buys their lunch for an average
spend of $37/week. That’s over $130 per month. That’s
over $1500 per year.

(Man, just add those 2 numbers up and you can take a
pretty nice vacation… Hello stress relief…)

– And in 2009, the AVERAGE household spent $2736 per
year on eating out.

Now I’m not one of those guys who presumes to tell you
how to spend your hard earned money, yet I do have a
challenge for you

Consider this –  Eating out in most cases, although
convenient, ends up being very inconvenient.

Here’s what I mean:

Eating your food out has hidden calories – sugar and
fat – that are taking you further and further away from
your strength and fat loss goals.

Here’s something “funny:”

We’ll spend money on things that damage our health and
destroy our efforts to reach our goals…

All in the name of short-term stress relief.

You know – Convenience.

(I’m too tired to make dinner again…)

Unfortunately, focusing on the short-term stress relief
more often than destroys our long-term goal achievement

Here’s a helpful little mantra when you’re feeling stressed
out and tempted to make “bad” decisions:

     “Stress-relieving v. goal-achieving”

Ask yourself, “Is this decision only going to relieve my
immediate stress AND achieve my goals or is it going to
take me AWAY from my goals?”

In most cases, short-term, convenient forms of stress relief
DOES NOT help you achieve your goals.

However, achieving your goals WILL relieve your stress.

Let me be straight up with you:

You may be on the fence about getting “Kettlebell STRONG!”
because you consider it too expensive.

Yet if you’re an “average” American worker, you could give
up  your Starbucks habit, bring a travel mug (that’s what
I do) –

… Skip eating lunch out for a month, and all that hidden
sugar and fat – (fasting is one of the easiest ways to lose fat)
and grab your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” AND you’d
have change in your pocket.

The great thing is, you’d suddenly have a resource that,
unlike dinner out, will serve you for the rest of your life.

Not only that, it’s convenient.

How so?

Because you’ll no longer have to wonder if you’re going
to see results – and what you’re going to do for a workout –
hopping like a hungry little bunny across the internet scraping
up free questionable kettlebell workouts…

You’ll have simple, powerful, convenient workouts – all
part of a plan (or two plans) – that you can do in your
basement, garage, backyard, or spare bedroom…

And then go downstairs or upstairs and eat a healthy,
cost-effective meal with your family.

Imagine, one month from now, you could be stronger,
leaner, and wealthier all from just making a few simple
changes in your lifestyle…

And finally experience the body and lifestyle you’ve always

(Oh, and you might even get a nice vacation out of it too!)

Change your life AND your lifestyle – Get “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Talk soon.

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